Soundtrack Season 1 Review: A Story That Presents Unity, Strength and Love

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 18, 2019 (Last updated: November 24, 2023)
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Netflix Series Soundtrack Season 1


Netflix Series Soundtrack Season 1 is a heartwarming story that introduces engaging themes while at the same time resurfaces classic songs. It will surely be a hit with audiences.

This review of Netflix Series Soundtrack Season 1 contains no spoilers. 

For all its attempts to resurface some of the best songs of all time, it’s the storyline that ultimately wins you over in Soundtrack Season 1. Each episode is glossed with lip-syncs, ingraining a song that is relatable to the character at the time but it almost feels secondary. The story has a core value; unity, strength and love that connects all the characters together.

And that core value can easily verge on the edge of corny, but the Netflix series knows when to stay grounded — ensuring that character development overrides the whimsical nature of the character’s beliefs. The idea of love, breakups and careers in Soundtrack is bordering on the extreme for these characters, magnified greatly for the purpose of the narrative.

The opening of Netflix’s Soundtrack is “every song is a love song” providing a clear warning sign that the audience will be on a ride of soppiness and overindulgent romance. The series has this way of selling romance almost as a crippling feeling — almost hopeful but tragic at the same time. Its opening gambit introduces the audience to two characters, Nellie and Sam, who are hopeless romantics and have succumbed to their hopeless dreams in the world of art and music. It has that La La Land fear overhanging it — where both characters are pursuing almost impossible careers. Each chapter is focused on two characters at a time, but it’s Nellie and Sam who are the central point to the other narrative strands — their world introduces other worlds whom the characters embed in, bringing forth different themes to a malleable series.

Soundtrack Season 1 has themes that centre around the failings of modern-day marriages, new blossoming relationships and the true nature of grieving for a lost loved one. It ventures further than that, detailing the struggles of leaving prison, harnessing yearned careers and the pains of single parenthood. The Netflix series is not shy in introducing multiple themes but as soft as it sounds, it always routes back to one constant — love.

Soundtrack’s biggest strength is its ability to create ten effective chapters and keep it interesting. The story is, more or less, the same throughout, and it spends a great deal of time dealing with the past and the present across several characters. It manages to maintain character development effectively, making the past/present shifting feel relevant. It’s impressive how much the stories are interwoven with each other without becoming a headache for the audience. You will be stunned by heartbreaks and enlightened by human victories and feel bittersweet about certain outcomes — Soundtrack Season 1 leaves plenty to think about.

Without the contagious cast, Soundtrack would have struggled to maintain the quality. Each performer manages to bolden the story with powerful scenes and a real buy-in to what they are part of. There’s some genuine talent on show in the Netflix series.

Of course, the Netflix series will be questioned in its use of inserting famous soundtracks into the story and how the cast handles the choreography. At times the cast handle it superbly, with highly creative settings which they use to dance around. On other occasions, Soundtrack opts for the more simplistic approach where less is more, and the song itself is predominant. Audiences will find themselves scratching their heads at some of the classics, seeking the lyrics on Google to understand what song is being played.

There are not many negatives for Soundtrack Season 1. It loses a little magic by not making the “soundtrack” moments more impactful but its saviour is an impactful, heartwarming story that can be appreciated. It even has a look-in for a possible second season.

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