Queen Sono season 1, episode 6 recap – “State of Emergency”, the ending explained

February 28, 2020
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Queen Sono Season 1, Episode 6, “State of Emergency” provides a gut-punching action-led conclusion, leading to a potential second season.

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Queen Sono Season 1, Episode 6, “State of Emergency” provides a gut-punching action-led conclusion, leading to a potential second season.

This recap of Netflix Series Queen Sono season 1, episode 6, “State of Emergency” contains significant spoilers.

The stakes are high in the finale of Queen Sono, “State of Emergency”. It starts with Wetu Wema attacking the President’s house — Shandu wants to talk. He throws money all over Malunga and asks if he remembers him. Malunga is shaken, asking for forgiveness. Ekaterina shows up and throws fuel over Malunga’s advisors and burns them alive. Shandu asks if what she did was necessary.

Shandu is starting to realize that he is working with a monster.

Sono feels the weight of being a secret spy in Episode 6, “State of Emergency”. She visits William and she is shocked to find him angry at her. He writes Sono a cheque for the time she paid for his tuition, as apparently that was the only time she was there for him and then asks Sono to leave. A flabbergasted Sono says “f*** you” and demands answers. Williams states that on the day of the bomb, Nova rang her to check if he was alive and Sono never called back to let her know as promised. He feels Sono does not care. He tells her to leave and as she departs, she promises William that she knew he was okay.

It goes from bad to worse for SOG in Episode 6. They fail to subpoena Superior Solutions for more intel but Fred says the bombs were triggered by cellphones sold in the same shop, so there’s hope to track down more attacks.

Ekaterina is getting impatient with Malunga and wants to cause more collateral damage — Shandu is concerned that more lives are going to be lost, stating that he feels love for the country and its people. Shandu tells Ekaterina that he pities her. But she is instantly distracted, learning of Sono’s location.

At the midway point of Episode 6, Queen Sono is attacked in her own home while her takeaway is delivered. As she finishes off the men who attacked her, William knocks on her house to try talk, but Queen Sono tells him to go away, as she doesn’t want to give away that she is a spy. Queen Sono ruthlessly grabs some boiling water and asks one of the men who ordered the attack. She threatens to pour boiling water on his genitals. He is sniped before he talks — Shandu was the sniper on a nearby roof.

SOG believe they have no choice but to give Malunga a state of emergency but there’s still time as Fred has a light lead which suggests the next attack will be at the biggest football event of the year. Queen Sono suggests going rogue with the SOG — off the grid. Despite concerns, the entire team agrees. Sono and the team head to the stadium.

In a rather upsetting moment, Ekaterina visits Sono’s grandmother Mazet with her met. Shandu tries persuading Ekaterina to not hurt Mazet, but she refuses to listen. Ekaterina sits down with Mazet and explains that Sono took something very dear from her. Mazet realizes she is in danger but notices the house is surrounded. Mazet makes a cup of tea and takes a couple of sips, knowing they are her last, and then Ekaterina shoots her in the head.

Brutal. Episode 6 confirms Ekaterina is the real deal as a villain serving no mercy at all.

Sono tells the broadcasting room at the football match to pan cams to the fans so Fred can do facial recognition and find the terror suspect. Dr. Sid becomes desperate and tells his team to disable all cellphone towers to stop the bomb activation. Fred finds the man in the crown and alerts Sono. She chases after the man and tackles him to the ground. The terror attack is prevented — SOG are successful.

But it ends in bittersweet fashion for Queen Sono, who learns of the news of her grandma and she’s absolutely distraught and drops to the ground. The scene after, she visits her grandmother’s grave and bursts into tears and calls herself a disappointment — “It’s time to spill the blood of our enemies now”.

Queen Sono is raging with revenge in her blood, giving a second season potential.

Queen Sono Season 1, Episode 6, “State of Emergency” ends with Nana meeting Sono’s father after seeing CCTV footage of Queen Sono acting as a prison guard. The father says, “I’m listening”.

Additional Notes

  • Watu Wema is getting a lot of coverage on the news.
  • During the chapter after Shandu visits the President’s house, he turns up at Queen Sono’s house. They kiss and then have sex.
  • Nova asks William if he has feelings for Queen Sono. Nova tells him to resolve it and that she needs help

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