Outer Banks season 1, episode 2 recap – what happened in “The Lucky Compass”?

April 15, 2020 (Last updated: March 3, 2023)
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Outer Banks season 1, episode 2, “The Lucky Compass” sees John B desperate to find out the truth, which unearths more truths.

This recap of Netflix series Outer Banks season 1, episode 2, “The Lucky Compass” contains significant spoilers.

So far, the YA Netflix series is doing well to at least keep me intrigued — the quality can be questioned but it has the potential to improve.

Outer Banks season 1, episode 2, “The Lucky Compass” opens with John B determined to find his father after finding this elusive compass. John B has to sneak on to Sarah’s boat to drop off the tanks and scuba gear first though, and the tension between them is still evident. Sarah threatens to tell her father that he has poached the scuba gear, which could lead to losing his job.

But then it’s back to the adventure-themed story — John B and JJ head to Lana’s place and hear her screaming and sobbing. There’s a man demanding to know where the compass is. It’s the same men that chased after John B and co with guns. When the men leave, John B and JJ ask Lana about the men and the compass. Lana urges them to not tell anyone about the compass.

John B then thinks they should go into his father’s office. He looks into the history of owners with the compass and all of them died suspiciously. As they are in the office, the men from the boat come over and try and breach the office door — John B manages to hide and evade danger.

There’s a lot of running around as you can tell.

John B’s friends believe that he’s using the compass to get over his “sad feelings” about his father but John B insists his father is missing, not dead. John B and Kiara enter a lighthouse to speak to a man about the Royal Merchant, a lost boat. The man starts giving them both history lessons and theories to where the boat will be. John B shows the man at the lighthouse the compass and the man freaks out, alerting the police so they have to flee.

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It seems incredibly easy to alert the police in this series.

With John B feeling low about the situation, Kiara is still skeptical about the compass and gives John B a hug. He suddenly kisses Kiara by surprise and he starts panicking. She claims they can’t continue due to the no “Pogue-on-Pogue macking” rule — I find this to be a ludicrous rule. if they cannot have sexual relations with anyone who is Pogue, because they are Pogue, but then they do not mingle anyone who is a Kook, then who are they supposed to have sex with?

John B is then arrested, so he sneakily gives Kiara the compass. He then tells the police officer he doesn’t have the compass and then he’s bailed out by Kiara’s father. Suddenly, the police are interested in the compass.

And then it gets worse for John B — Mr. Cameron asks John B if he stole the gear of the boat and then he’s suddenly fired. John B gets angry with Sarah, believing she grassed on him — “I know exactly who I thought you were Sarah Cameron”. Oh, using her entire name — hard man.

Anyway, there’s more chasing in Outer Banks season 1, episode 2, “The Lucky Compass”. The men who have been chasing John B for an entire episode now chase him and this time catch him. But then the police turn up to save the day.

John B narrates from here and says maybe his friends are right, maybe he should let it go and leave the past behind. But he doesn’t, after finding more about his family history, he picks up his friends. Initially, Kiara does not want to come but he persuades her, claiming they are best friends and apologizes for the kiss. She kisses him on the cheek and he declares that he’s back in the friend zone. Don’t declare it, mate, ever.

Outer Banks season 1, episode 2, “The Lucky Compass” ends with John B telling his friends that he was wrong about the lighthouse but he was right about his father trying to tell him something. He thought Redfield was a place the whole time, but it is a person — and he blurts out his great, great grandmother’s name, Olivia Redfield. They check out some tomb where she was buried. Kiara offers to go inside and when she enters, she finds something and says “oh my god”.

I wonder what it is? I don’t know why, but Outer Banks feels like trash, but good trash.

Additional Notes

  • JJ asks John B why she doesn’t “try it” with Kiara. JJ points out when Kiara kissed him on the cheek he blushed.
  • Topper is paranoid that Sarah is going to cheat on him with John B. He approaches Sarah about John B, saying she has to be careful about the Pogues. He acts really jealous so Sarah walks away. Topper tells Mr. Cameron that John B stole the scuba diving gear.
  • JJ believes the men chasing after them are square groupers

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