Upload season 1, episode 2 recap – What happened in “Five Stars”?

May 1, 2020
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Upload season 1, episode 2, “Five Stars” delves into the desperation for a good rating as Nora struggles to maintain 5 stars.

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Upload season 1, episode 2, “Five Stars” delves into the desperation for a good rating as Nora struggles to maintain 5 stars.

This recap of Amazon Original series Upload season 1, episode 2, “Five Stars” contains significant spoilers.

How does Upload season 1, episode 2, “Five Stars” start?

It begins with Nora having sex with a man. Before they get to it, they both have to tell an app that they gave each other consent. Straight after sex, the man wants to leave and he tells her to give him 5 stars, so she does. Nora is soon p**** off though as the man gives her 4 stars and accuses her of being “needy”.

This doesn’t sound far from our present day.

How’s Nathan in Lakeview?

Well, Nathan is getting used to his new life. He decides to have a therapy session with Upload which means speaking to a dog and the therapist talking via the animal, which was weird. They want to know what will stop him from diving into the torrent — Nathan wants to be independent and capable and be “a man”.

Back in the office, Nora meets her boss about putting her father in Upload; she has the money, especially with employee discounts, but her boss says she needs a better rating for the discount.

So with Nora having a bad day, she takes it out on Nathan.

Ah, that doesn’t sound good for a customer rep.

She tries making up for it by ringing him and asking if everything is okay. She wonders if he is depressed as he has no sexual desires. At the same time, Nora is struggling to juggle her customers.

While talking to another avatar, Nathan suddenly cannot remember what app he was building with his friend but he remembers its description and it was oddly similar to Upload. The avatar suggests he was threatening a billion-dollar industry so he was murdered. Meanwhile, an investigator is checking out the broken self-drive car.

Nathan tells Nora about this and wonders if his memory is damaged. Nora sings a popular song to him to check his memory. Nora tells a colleague that Nathan is a good guy but some of his files are damaged.

How does Upload season 1, episode 2, “Five Stars” end?

Upload season 1, episode 2, “Five Stars” ends with Nathan giving Nora stars repeatedly to cheer her up. Nora opens up about all her problems, including her dying father who refuses to use Upload. Nathan listens, which Nora appreciates.

Later on, Nora watches a video of Nathan and Jamie discussing a business meeting and then a man comes out and tells them not to tell anyone else about their business idea as he’s interested.

A calendar invite pops up — Nathan’s funeral in 30 minutes.

Other points

  • Nora checks on Dylan and he’s annoyed that his best friend doesn’t have a connection with him whose. He gives her a low rating.
  • Nathan rings Ingrid who says she is stressed with funeral planning.

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