Control Z season 1, episode 4 recap – it’s party time in “Night School”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: May 22, 2020 (Last updated: July 6, 2022)
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Control Z season 1, episode 4 recap - "Night School"


It’s party time in “Night School”, and debauchery ensues while things get (literally) dark in the climax.

This recap of Control Z season 1, episode 4, “Night School”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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Control Z episode 4, “Night School”, opens with Sofi having something of a panic attack, which is, I think, the very first indication we’ve had — beyond the self-harm scars and the institutionalization flashbacks — that she’s as damaged as her classmates claim. Things are looking up for her, though, since she’s invited to one of Raul’s parties, which is apparently a first. He’s inviting the whole school, and he just bought a new bike. Glad to see he’s taking his parents’ abandonment and stashed funds well.

The spectre of what happened to Luis looms large over “Night School”, and it’s especially nice to Quintanilla grow a spine and expel Gerry. Gerry’s goons turn on Pablo and Raul a bit for trying to protect Luis during the chaos. Things aren’t going well for Nati, either, since Rosita continues to torment her about not being able to recoup the NONA money despite selling all her worldly possessions. I’m thankful every day that I’m not at high school anymore.

Raul’s party is, of course, attended by everyone. The latest viral instruction from the hacker is to freeze out Nati, which she predictably takes horrendously. Anyone who speaks to her can’t go to the NONA — that’s the challenge. Anyway, everyone — except Isa, obviously — gets turned up at the party, which is never a good sign in teen dramas. Sofi at least keeps it together, but she’s still getting weird communications from the hacker. The instructions include doing a shot and a kiss with Javier.

While all this is going on, Nora and Quintanilla have a rather strained dinner during which she can’t stop talking about Sofi and Javier — much to his annoyance. This obviously gets in the way of Quintanilla’s romantic proposal. We also see Pablo carrying on with his “honey bunny”, which isn’t Isa, and a weird drawing keeps popping up around the party to “show the way” to Sofi and Javier. They’re led to Alex, who is being blackmailed with exposure of who she’s scissoring. She’s up-front with Sofi — the hacker wants her to jump into the pool from the roof. Despite Javier’s square insistence that she backs out, Sofi nonetheless plunges into the water.

Nati, meanwhile, sees a potentially lucrative opportunity in becoming a drug dealer, but she immediately dips into the product. Gerry also arrives and is told by his friends that nobody wants him there. As you can imagine, he handles this in an admirably mature way. Speaking of which, Raul confesses to Sofi about his parents leaving, and that he blew all the money they left on the party. At least they had fun, right? His approach works since he and Sofi start hooking up while waiting for her clothes to dry, but a power cut interrupts them. Left alone in the darkness, Control Z season 1, episode 4 ends with Sofi being grabbed.

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