Baki season 3, episode 9 recap – “The Master vs the Boxer”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 4, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Baki season 3, episode 9 recap - "The Master vs the Boxer"


With the tournament concluded, “The Master vs the Boxer” finds Mohammad Alai Jr trying to antagonize Baki into a fight.

This recap of Baki season 3, episode 9, “The Master vs the Boxer”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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We’re away from the insanity of the tournament now in “The Master vs the Boxer”, and we open with Mohammad Alai Jr approaching Kozue about his desire to fight Baki. It makes sense since she’s the most important person in his life, but what’s quite surprising is that Alai Jr proposes to her. He also seems to think she doesn’t get much of a say in the matter. He tells her that her job is “being a woman”. What a charmer!

To give us our requisite dose of action, Alai Jr gets into it with an old geezer. We cut from there to Mohammad Alai Sr., old and compromised, being regaled of his own exploits in the ring — his legendary hand speed, especially. He talks of a boxer out there with even faster hands. The one fighting an old man in the woods, perhaps?

Kozue, meanwhile, asks Baki how he’d feel about her getting married. He says he’d be very upset but that it’s not his decision — she seems to think that he and Alai Jr might be alike, which seems an odd thing given the stark difference in their attitudes.

Mohammad Alai Jr next challenges Doppo Orochi. Doppo implements the hands-in-pockets style from the tournament, which levels the playing field somewhat. He also declares this a fight to the death and is shocked when Alai Jr is able to dodge and counter him.

“The Master vs the Boxer” cuts once again to Alai Sr., who instructs his interlocutor to strike the ground with an iron pipe as hard as he can to prove a point about what it’s like being hit by a heavyweight. Speaking of being hit, Doppo is describing the exact same sensation after having been chinned by Alai Jr.

Riding high on his victories, Alai Jr interrupts Baki and Kozue to let Baki know he’s marrying his girlfriend. Baki asks if he has an ulterior motive for doing so — perhaps the dumbest thing that has been said all season. Baki is far too open about this situation and says it’s up to Kozue to decide who she likes more. Kozue’s still pretty undecided as Baki season 3, episode 9 ends.

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