Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 6 recap – does [spoiler] have powers?

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 4, 2020 (Last updated: February 6, 2024)
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Netflix K-Drama series Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 6


Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 6 provides awareness around fertility and miscarriages and the trauma and complexities it brings.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 6 open?

Episode 6 opens with Han Kang Bae dreaming about winning the couple’s competition with Kang Yeo-rin and giving her a ring. When he looks up, it’s his manager Mr. Ma. He tells his dream to Guibanjang and Weol-ju. Guibanjang says his dream means he’s anxious around Mr. Ma and and implies Han Kang Bae’s sexual orientation. Weol-ju mentions how there was a conception ring in his dream and when Han Kang Bae goes to work, Mr. Ma reveals that his wife is pregnant.

The dance teacher

Han Kang Bae and Weol-ju participate in dancing lessons to prepare for the competition; Kang Bae is overwhelmed and the dance teacher Su Gyeong tells him to stay behind and work harder. Su Gyeong gets upset about something so Han Kang Bae agrees to stay behind. She eventually touches him so she reveals all about her life.

The dance teacher collapses on the floor and confesses how she’s tried to get pregnant for years and after IVF her dreams finally came true but sadly, she had a miscarriage and blamed herself for it — she explains further that it exhausted her marriage. The husband became worried that the pregnancy scenario would destroy her; Su Gyeong felt like a terrible wife and her husband assured her that they can build their own life. When she finishes her story, the dance teacher says she still wants a baby. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 6 is an important message surrounding mental health and fertility problems.

Visiting Samsin

Weol-ju has an idea and rushes to Samsin’s place — when she sees Samsin, she’s dealing with conception dream marbles via an arcade crane. She asks Samsin for a conception marble for Su Gyeong — Samsin states that blessing children to people is not a game. Weol-ju argues her case further, stating that couples who aren’t ready for children have them all the time.


Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 6 flashes back to when Weol-ju was alive and ensuring the prince recovered. We learn as an audience that the man stalking the Mystic Pop-Up Bar is Kim Won-hyung. The prince tells Weol-ju that Won-hyung is the only person he can open up to. Kim Won-hyung is bothered by their romance and in the present day he mutters “your friend is finally here, your highness”. Is Kim Won-hyung hinting that either Guibanjang or Han Kang Bae is the prince reincarnated?

Trying out dance clothes

Han Kang Bae asks Kang Yeo-rin to try out costumes for the dance on their day off. He’s blown away by her in a dress and calls her absolutely beautiful. After trying out clothes, they go to the cinema together and watch a romantic film; it’s about a couple that breaks up and one of them is suffering. Han Kang Bae and Kang Yeo-rin talk in-depth about the film and their bond grows.

Does Kang Yeo-rin have powers?

When Kang Yeo-rin goes home, her friend reminds her of her murky dating past; how men always run away as soon as she asks them out — in the scenes, the problems always arise when she touches them. Her friend then marks how Han Kang Bae hasn’t run off so it could be destiny. Kang Yeo-rin states she doesn’t want to be heartbroken again. Does Kang Yeo-rin have powers that do the opposite as Han Kang Bae? And if so, why?

Su Gyeong is still impacted by the prospect of wanting children

Her marriage is fractious and she doesn’t want sex as she doesn’t see the point. Su Gyeong highlights how much her husband loves children and can’t have them because of her. Her husband fights back stating not having children does not make their lives meaningless.

Su Gyeong heads to the Mystic Pop-Up bar

The dance teacher admits to the Weol-ju and co that she keeps being harsh on her husband. Weol-ju gives her some food and a bottle of wine and tells her to take it home to her husband. When Su Gyeong goes home, she makes up with her husband.

Weol-ju has a plan

Guibanjang is concerned that Weol-ju wants to steal a conception marble for Su Gyeong and wonders why she’s so bothered about this woman. Weol-ju opens up about how she was in love with a man once who she wanted to marry and have children with so she knows what it feels like. Weol-ju understands she is being emotional and irrational and asks Guibanjang not to stop her.

Guibanjang is on board

Weol-ju, Guibanjang, and Han Kang Bae head to Samsin’s house while she is asleep. They find the conception marbles and Guibanjang asks Han Kang Bae to stand guard. Weol-ju gets mad and kicks the machine and three marbles come out. The trio foolishly leaves behind a Mystic Pop-Up bar coupon.

How does Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 6 end?

Samsin thinks the marble arcade machine is broken and then sees the Mystic Pop-Up Bar coupon. Meanwhile, the trio tries to give Su Gyeong the conception marble disguised as a lotus flower but it doesn’t work. Samsin chases after them so Guibanjang throws the last marble at Su Gyeong and congratulates her on her conception — Weol-ju tries passing the marble but Samsin catches it. They chase after her to get the marble back. Eventually, they manage to pass the conception marble to Su Gyeong.

Su Gyeong is pregnant and happy with her husband. The Mystic Pop-Up Bar team celebrate but when they return to the tent, Death reveals that they are suspended — it’s Yeomradaewang’s order for breaking the law, Article 3 of Special Thefts. It’s an indefinite suspension. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 6 provides awareness around fertility and miscarriages and the trauma and complexities it brings.

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