The Politician season 2, episode 4 recap – “Hail Mary”

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 19, 2020 (Last updated: 4 days ago)
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Netflix series The Politician season 2, episode 4 - Hail Mary


Episode 4 brings plenty of strategy and backstabbing as solutions and problems mount for Payton.

This recap of Netflix series The Politician season 2, episode 4, “Hail Mary” contain spoilers.

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How does The Politician season 2, episode 4, “Hail Mary” open?

Episode 4 opens up with Georgina’s campaign team telling her that her approval rating is 91%. Georgina wants to think of something bold — ban all plastic from California and border checks. She will not be satisfied until her approval rating is 100%. Meanwhile, Tino’s wife wakes up from her three-year coma. She wants to talk to the press immediately about her “d*ckwad husband”.

McAfee updates Payton; her intuition is that Hadassah has changed and something is up because she’s too happy. Flashbacks show Hadassah asking McAfee about spicy lube — “She’s obviously having sex with someone, right?”. McAfee discusses how the lube was amazing but more importantly, it makes the throuple look like a sham — Payton believes this could push Dede out of the race as she gained a lot of points to the over 40s due to the throuple. The Politician season 2, episode 4, “Hail Mary” gives Payton some hope in this vicious cycle of an election.

Drop from the race

Payton arranges a meal with Hadassah and reveals he knows that she is with William and that the throuple is a sham. He gives her 12 hours before he goes to the press and asks her to force Dede out of the race. Hadassah states that Dede is so far ahead that even if she drops out, she still wins. Payton believes a lot of Dede’s voters will stay at home on Tuesday. Hadassah tells Payton to run his story — “I don’t give a sh*t”.

Big news for Payton

And then the big news for Payton; Alice reveals she is pregnant and that she was less cautious as usual due to her jealousy of Astrid. Alice dreams of a young, attractive family and the night before the election they should announce the pregnancy and separately, their engagement. Payton agrees but asks how they genuinely feel about it. They look at each other and it’s obvious that they are both happy about this but Alice states they must split up with Astrid.

This is a problem

Hadassah tells Dede that Payton knows everything and she’s panicking. William feels betrayed that Dede has a new throuple and is dismayed. But things get worse as news comes in that Mary McCutcheon (Tino’s wife) has woken up and in a press conference states that she is filing for a divorce and that her husband wanted to pull the plug. She also reveals her husband’s sexual conquests with Georgina Hobart. Dede admits that this is a problem but he believes Georgina can pull Tino out of this. The Politician season 2, episode 4, “Hail Mary” sees the story change aggressively.

The new throuple

James is annoyed that he did not know about the “Hail Mary” plan with McAfee. Payton tells James that he is risk-averse which is the reason he did not let him in on this. Suddenly, William joins the campaign room to talk to Payton’s team and reveals that Dede is in a new throuple and that the new man Marcus is not an honest man — he writes papers across several Universities in exchange for money. William wants Marcus thrown to the wolves, not Hadassah.

Georgina delivers a press conference and admits to the affair and that she’s spectacular in bed; she also reveals she has dumped Tino. Tino wants Dede as his VP and to make a speech about policy is about elections, not feeling.

The lunch

Georgina and Dede have lunch together — Georgina wants to know how the whole throuple works because she keeps getting bored in relationships. Dede wants to talk about the election in two days and that Payton issue is acute and urgent. Georgina tells Dede that Payton’s mistakes and victories are his.

Shall we destroy Dede

Payton tells his campaign team that destroying Dede’s life is wrong. McAfee agrees and tells Payton that his numbers are up and his brand now exists with a Climate Change Emergency — “You have authenticity now”. McAfee believes that his voters will stick with him next time. His campaign team tells Payton not to leak the news that Dede has a new throuple. Payton is proud of everyone, stating it’s the right move.

How does The Politician season 2, episode 4, “Hail Mary” end?

The next morning, Astrid reveals she is pregnant in a tense breakfast with Alice and Payton. Alice states she is pregnant too and the women argue about what to do about their babies. Payton tells Alice not to be cold towards Astrid and offers to support Astrid financially but that she will need to sign an NDA — Astrid says she is out and that she may have a press conference of her own. The Politician season 2, episode 4, “Hail Mary” removes problems but then introduces new ones for Payton. Episode 4 ends with James talking to the New York Times journalist and revealing everything — including that Dede is in a throuple with Marcus and one of his students. Episode 4 brings plenty of strategy and backstabbing as solutions and problems mount for Payton.

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