Signs season 1, episode 6 recap – the lady of the lake

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 22, 2020 (Last updated: November 23, 2023)
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Signs season 1, episode 6 recap -


Another body floats to the top of the case, as bitter payback implicates an innocent(ish) young man, and a new arrival threatens to upend all of Trela’s hard work.

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Signs episode 6 begins with Jonasz discovering the body in the lake and asking Dorota if she knows who did this — maybe I’ve missed something, but we still don’t know who this is. But we don’t have to wait long to find out. Cut to Jonasz explaining to Trela that he found the body while out on a walk. There’s still plenty of tension between these two regarding Robert hiding out on the farm. Trela tells him in no uncertain terms to get gone, while he films a close-up of the dead young woman, who has been shot twice in the heart. It’s Martyna.

We then see Nina and Agata discussing this death while playing Rainbow Six Siege, another Ubisoft game after Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which doesn’t seem like a coincidence. As a side note, this show has the most realistic game-playing I’ve seen in ages, which I suppose isn’t saying much since it’s usually just some character aimlessly bashing buttons on a controller. Still, I noticed it.

Radek, meanwhile, is approached by a potential buyer of “rare and intriguing antiques”. Zofia also interrupts the mining operation by claiming that they’re digging over a gravesite and that there are bones beneath, which we know she’s right about. But Antoni assures her otherwise and allows her to go inside with the foreman; if she finds any bones, they’ll cease the operation immediately. Targosz is still complaining to the Mayor about Ada, so Antoni gives him a bunch of pre-paid SIM cards and a number to call, though we don’t know exactly what the purpose of that call will be.

Trela brings Pawel into the station and matches his handwriting with the list of piles and values. But Pawel remains tight-lipped and Trela can’t pin anything on him, which he knows. Father Roman is also continuing a low-key investigation, trying to match vague descriptions to townsfolk, and he finally gets to meet Antoni in a frosty how-do-you-do. Roman seems to know something’s up, and he writes “the Mayor” on a Post-It note, having presumably matched him up to a description. Shortly after, he speaks with Krzysztof about two more penitential crosses being added to the one they saw on the tour. He assumes they might be connected to the deaths of the girls, and Krzysztof seems to agree. He says they’ll investigate it.

Ada returns home to find Blazej unconscious, and he’s hospitalized. Radek and his father make the sale, but Radek pushes about the plans for a device to the buyer, and he’s clearly interested. Agata also tells Antoni that she thinks Radek killed Martyna — Hell hath no fury.

Trela speaks with Dzikowski. The latter admits he went to see Robert to ask about his son’s suicide, which of course Trela already knows. He doesn’t believe his son could commit suicide. He could tell Robert was hiding something but had nothing to charge him with. He wants Trela to help him find the man who murdered his son.

Trela and Ada turn up to Jonasz’s farm with a warrant, but they’re unable to find anything. Jonasz claims to have no idea where Robert is, and Trela loses his temper. The holy man remains relaxed.

Decidedly unrelaxed is Antoni, who is first put out by Trela’s insistence that Agata is as much of a suspect in Martyna’s death as Radek is, and then when skulls begin to be dredged up from the lake. On that note, Agata goes to see Radek. She tells him that she forgives him since sleeping with Martyna wasn’t his fault, he was simply seduced. He tells her to get out. She asks if she can use the bathroom before she leaves, which she does.

Towards the end of Signs season 1, episode 6, Trela asks Nina if she has heard anything at school about missing money. She says not, obviously. Trela also gets a tip-off from Agata which leads him straight to Radek’s house. Trela asks Radek if he saw Martyna the night before she died, which he admits, but then asks him where he hid the money, which he knows nothing about. But Trela heads straight to the bathroom, where a huge wedge of the cash is located. Agata has set him up. But when she returns home she discovers something missing from her drawer, and we see the familiar yellow holdall with Robert, who is currently hiding out with Antoni.

Trela returns to the station and finds Inspector Janina Osinska behind his desk. She’s from the Central Investigation Bureau, and she’s here to clean this mess up. She immediately puts him on two weeks’ leave. I’m sure that’ll throw him right off the scent! As the episode closes Radek’s father collapses as someone leaves his property.

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