Signs season 1, episode 7 recap – it’s all falling apart

July 22, 2020
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Everything begins to come undone right in time for the finale, as Trela takes matters into his own hands and more details of the mining operation begin to become worryingly public.

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There’s the distinct feeling that everything’s coming together now in Signs episode 7, though admittedly it has taken a while for us to get here. Trela is off the case, at least officially, and Janina is taking no prisoners at the station. Nina doesn’t like the idea of potentially having to move if her dad isn’t working here anymore, and we see Dzikowski listening in on their conversation. Antoni is fuming with Radek’s father, obviously worried about the antiques from the mine being sold — that place’s sordid history with the bones of concentration camp prisoners can’t possibly see the light of day.

Agata visits Robert to antagonize him about the stolen money, and while he lashes out at her, he eventually gives her the dough and she leaves. Agata must be one of the most thoroughly detestable characters in recent memory.

Radek gets out with the help of a high-powered lawyer sent by the Mayor and finds a black folder missing from his closet. The buyer Radek sold his antiquities to heads to Jonasz’s compound and viciously assaults him as part of a weak negotiation process. And Nina stumbles upon Robert in the shower at Agata’s house. On that note, the school principal calls Trela to let him know that neither Nina nor Agata are at school, which is all the info a half-decent policeman needs to put two and two together.

Back at the compound, Jonasz’s followers have designs of lynching his attacker, but Jonasz himself intervenes. They discuss the Nazi anti-gravity drive, which could have changed the outcome of WW2, the plans for which he intends to sell, preferably outside of Europe. But it must be complete. At that point, Dorota, hysterical, attempts to attack the buyer, but Jonasz restrains her.

Trela arrives at Agata’s to pick Nina up and runs into Kasia there. She’s there for the money. She also continues to look after Pawel at home. Later he returns home and begins hallucinating that a dead deer is in the garden. He empties his alcohol over it with a bag of clothes and sets the lot on fire.

Everyone seems to be losing it in Signs episode 7. Blazej, despite being on better terms with Ada, is screaming and shouting at the ceiling. A near-comatose Dorota is having visions. And Trela gets Targosz in a headlock. He leads him to a high spot for an off-the-books interrogation. Next thing we know, Trela’s going to see the Mayor. He warns Antoni that Targosz is bankrupt, which Antoni already suspected earlier, but Trela is smug about the revelation nevertheless.

Janina is getting things done as far as the investigation is concerned. The penitential crosses contain DNA — presumably that of the killer. And forensic specialists are arriving with information about the bones dredged up from the lake. She learns that neither the bones nor the WW2 relics were in the water for long. There’s also melaphyre in the recovered materials, which connects them to the mine. Janina asks specifically if any documents were found, but apparently not.

When Nina returns home, she asks Trela what he meant when he said that Agata set him up. She asks if it’s about the boy living with her, which obviously causes the penny to drop about Robert. Trela heads off Antoni and chases Robert across the hills. Antoni speaks with Janina, revealing that she’s in on the whole thing, and admitting to getting a denunciation from the former priest, who just so happened to have a heart attack when he learned they were going ahead with the excavation anyway. Janina is concerned that the number of bodies in the mine, as well as the number and type of artifacts, including the plans for the Nazi anti-gravity device, has been grossly understated.

Signs season 1, episode 7 ends with Dorota remembering coming across Patrycja as she was dying and covering her mouth when she asked for help. Antoni returns home and angrily screws up and burns his developmental map of the town. It’s all coming undone, right in time for the finale. On a hillside, Trela holds Robert captive. He confesses to killing “her”. Does he mean one or all?

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