Signs season 1, episode 5 recap – more than meets the eye

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 22, 2020 (Last updated: November 23, 2023)
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Signs season 1, episode 5 recap -


A clearer picture is beginning to emerge in Signs episode 5, but there’s still plenty to learn as bitter resentments and long-held secrets come to the surface — among other things.

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Things are still remarkably tense at the Ada/Blazej house as we begin Signs episode 5, and I’m reminded again how weird it is that all these characters live together. No matter. No sooner has Ada left the property than Blazej is calling her up, but she ignores him. At the station, she confesses to Trela how much she doesn’t want him home, but there are currently bigger matters to tend to, one of which is Dzikowski looking increasingly suspicious in his handling of the Robert situation.

At the gym, Martyna happily confesses that she only slept with Radek to get back at Agata, which he isn’t exactly thrilled to learn. Meanwhile, Trela and Ada go to see Robert at Jonasz’s farm. They ask him about Dzikowski, who apparently told him about Laura since he knew his son, but Jonasz throws them out before they can question him further. Trela checks this out and learns that Dzikowski visited him a month before Laura died, which means he didn’t visit to tell him about her death. There was some other motive, and neither Robert nor Dzikowski want them to know.

Antoni talks Targosz into telling the police the truth, which he claims is subjective; he does and tells Trela that the cash was for the workers and that Patrycja’s job was to oversee it, implying that she stole it and then got killed. She must have given it to someone, he says, which we know is true to some extent since she and Blazej hid the money. Ada and Trela ask Pawel about the money, which is upstairs in Kasia’s room; we saw him dipping into it earlier in the episode. But it isn’t there anymore since when Trela brings the bag downstairs, he upends it onto the coffee table and it’s full of clothes. Kasia herself has the money bag. As she carries it to “a friend”, she runs into Nina and Agata.

At Jonasz’s farm, Antoni tries to set Robert’s mind at ease, but Robert reveals that Jonasz buried Dorota’s bloody sweater, which was from right after Patrycja’s murder. He’s worried that the police will dig it up if they return with a warrant. Meanwhile, Kasia wants help hiding the dough from her dad, and Agata agrees, even though Nina wants to take it to the police. Nina and Agata speed off, leaving Nina behind.

Trela next goes to see Zofia, who is with a friend. He asks her if she saw Robert on the day Laura was murdered. She thinks he was still in prison then. She explains that they broke up because, after young Dzikowski committed suicide, the kids all got scared. It’s obvious that the boy killing himself is somehow integral to all this. Zofia also says that Robert is miserable because of his father; her grudge against the Mayor is obvious, and she claims that the souls he dug up roam all over the place and that one day they’re all going to pay for his sins.

On the way back into town, Trela runs into Pawel and Blazej fighting at Patrycja’s graveside. Pawel does some damage, but Trela is able to pull him off and choke him into submission. He takes Blazej home. Nina isn’t there since she’s at a party with Agata and Radek, who seem happier than ever now, but Agata won’t spill where she has taken Kasia’s bag of money, and Nina is quick to share a video of Radek with Martyna, which she has acquired from… somewhere, anyway. Agata goes ballistic and starts smashing up everything at the party. Nina explains to Krzysztof that she feels guilty, but he says that “they’re the bad ones, you’re innocent,” which doesn’t do him any favors as regards to looking a bit suspicious. Nina and Agata look like they’re going to share a kiss, but when Nina moves in for it, Agata whispers, “I’m gonna kill her.” Yikes.

Signs season 1, episode 5 ends with Dorota running through the woods as we see a body rise from the lake, as Jonasz wakes up to find Dzikowski standing over him. Robert and Dorota are both missing. We see Zofia leave her house with her friend, who notes that a harsh winter is coming, as Ada discovers a noose in the attic, and an unseen figure hammers a cross into the ground.

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