How does Maze find her mother Lilith in Lucifer season 5?

August 21, 2020
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This article “How does Maze find her mother in Lucifer season 5?” contains important and major spoilers. 

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In season 5 (part 1) Maze is determined to find her mother Lilith more than ever. It’s quite pivotal to the plot as allegiances are forming as we reach the conclusion of part 1 so how does Maze find her mother in Lucifer season 5.

The story

Maze can be extremely tactical and strategic when she wants to be. In a special one-off episode in season 5, she asks Trixie to visit Lucifer and persuade him to tell him a story because no-one has shown up to the “game night”. Lucifer reluctantly tells Trixie a story about a time in the 40s, with black and white noir grading. In the story, Lilith desires mortality and purpose and after spending the entire episode trying to get Lucifer to find her immortality ring, she gives it up and gives up Lucifer.

How is this useful to Maze?

Well, there was enough information in the story for Maze to know the address of her mother Lilith. She visits her mother in her apartment block and has a brief, upsetting conversation.

Why is it upsetting?

Lilith is not interested in talking to her daughter and the conversation ends quickly — she believes by not having a relationship with Maze, she’s made her stronger. She also hints about how having a life of mortality failed; she did not get the purpose she desires.

Also, soon after, Lilith dies, and Maze is devastated — she got no closure.

How does Maze react?

She’s infuriated with Lucifer because he kept the secret away from her for years. Lucifer was keeping a promise to Lilith to be fair and his intentions were clearly not to hurt Maze but this serves a big part of the story, especially with Michael, Lucifer’s twin brother lurking around.

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