Lucifer season 5, episode 1 recap – “Really Sad Devil Guy”

August 21, 2020
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Episode 1 is a good opener and establishes the void left by Lucifer.

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Episode 1 is a good opener and establishes the void left by Lucifer.

This recap of Netflix series Lucifer season 5, episode 1, “Really Sad Devil Guy” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Lucifer season 5, episode 1, “Really Sad Devil Guy”

Episode 1 starts with a boat party and Lucifer visits a man named Lee Garner and tells him that someone is going to walk through the door and murder them. Chloe visits the murder scene to investigate. Ella brings up Lucifer, saying how much she misses him; this is clearly hurting Chloe. We are getting a taste of life without Lucifer already.

I’m going to solve your murdee

Back to Lucifer and he tells Lee Garner that he’s in a Hell loop. Lee has no idea how to get out of it but Lucifer tells him to enjoy his eternal hell. Lee references that he enjoyed his life in Marina del Rey. Lucifer realises he’s in Los Angeles and knows Chloe will be on his case — he offers to solve Lee’s murder. Episode 1 shows how Lucifer is just as conflicted as Chloe.

Chloe is already on it

Chloe investigates Lee’s sister while very hungover after dancing the night away at Lux. The sister tells her that her brother was a magnet for bad people. Maze suddenly has an apparent lead. Apparently, the word is on the street that Dirty Doug killed Lee Garner and cut off his hand to send a message for not paying back the cash. Chloe and Maze want to infiltrate by playing poker with Dirty Doug; they miss Lucifer who would have helped get them in but Maze assures Chloe she will get them an invite. They need to find solutions in their new normal.

Playing poker

Lee and Lucifer revisit parts of his timeline in the hell loop to figure out who killed him. Lee points out Dirty Doug. Meanwhile, on earth, Chloe and Maze arrive at the same place to play poker and they argue about who is the arm candy — Chloe insists she should be the player as she’s bad at poker and will give money away.

Regardless, Chloe starts winning anyway much to the comedy of the opening episode. Meanwhile, Lee runs through what happened this day with Dirty Doug who offered him a ‘marker’. Lucifer gets emotional, stating that Lee is useless and that he’s not like the detective he’s used to working with.

Dirty Doug offers Chloe a marker and they press him about Lee Garner and he takes credit for the murder, however, the way he described the killing is wrong and not how it happened. Suddenly, behind Lee they have a male runner so they chase him; he gets run over. Ella arrives and says the unnamed man has a murder weapon.

A new guest delivers a message

The unnamed runner man that got run over is now in the hell loop and he is introduced to Lucifer. Suddenly, the unnamed runner wakes up from the dead and Lucifer delivers Chloe a message and advises her that it was “Safe where she stored it”. He’s giving her clues to who killed Lee.

Who is the detective

Lucifer season 5, episode 1 reveals that even though Chloe is struggling, Lucifer is battling with his own demons and he’s clearly missing Chloe.

Lee asks Lucifer who the detective is that he keeps mentioning. Suddenly, Lucifer looks sad and accuses Lee of being emotionally manipulative. Lee tells him he looks like a “Really Sad Devil Guy”. Lucifer gets angry and vows to show Lee why he ended up in hell.

Ella figures out the clue

The man who killed Lee Garner was Gill but Maze and Chloe need to find out who hired him. Chloe claims she has a lead — “It’s safe where you stored it”. Ella suddenly understands and references Lee’s credit card statements; he was making regular payments to a storage facility in Pacoima called “You Stored It!”. Chloe tells Maze about what happened with Gill’s corpse and that Lucifer gave her the lead. This is not the information Maze wanted — it’s too raw at the moment, for everyone.

The biometric safe

While out at the storage facility, Chloe and Maze end up confronting Lee’s sister Meg. Meanwhile, Lucifer takes Lee to the last time Lee was meant to be with the whole family — this was the last time they had all been together; his sister Meg had delivered his baby niece but afterward, his mother got sick and died and his father followed right after. Lee never went inside the house.

Meg tells Chloe and Maze about the biometric safe; she states that whoever killed Lee wanted his hand to open the safe. Chloe senses that Meg still misses him and it dawns on her that she still misses Lucifer.

I’m not good

Chloe tells Maze that she’s not doing good after finally realizing Lucifer will not be returning. Maze tells her that they’ve done well without him and kisses her; Chloe pushes her off and states she is not good. Chloe believes they are using this partnership to fill a void and feels they should step back from working together. Maze is hurt and walks off. Episode 1 is showing the emptiness without Lucifer that is consuming Chloe day to day.

The ending of Lucifer season 5, episode 1, “Really Sad Devil Guy”

Lucifer tells Lee to walk into his family’s house but Lee can’t. Lucifer tells Lee it is inevitable that he’s going to disappoint them so he will stay away for all of eternity — he realizes he’s on about himself. Lee asks Lucifer if this is his Hell loop and wonders if he’s making excuses as this place obviously resonates with him — “I missed my chance, what about you?”. Lucifer goes into a rant about protecting everyone from demons.

When Chloe brings Meg home, Lee’s hand is on the kitchen top and a man named Rod is there and points his gun at him. He wants to know where the money is. Chloe pretends to have the money and shoots him. Suddenly, a group of men comes in shooting.

Suddenly, Lucifer shows up to help Chloe. They look at each other and then kiss. Lucifer explains how it’s been thousands of years as time is different in Hell. The episode ends with Lucifer telling Lee that Chloe will be just fine without him. It’s clear that the man Chloe kissed was not Lucifer. Episode 1 is a good opener and establishes the void left by Lucifer.

Additional points
  • Maze is helping Chloe with her investigations in place of Lucifer.
  • Ella visits Linda to help teach her son Charlie science — Ella is confused because Charlie is only a few months old so why would he need to learn science. Linda arranges science lessons every Wednesday morning.
  • Amenadiel wants Dan to look into a crime; he feels he needs to make the world a better place. He feels he has a lead to a legit drug dealer. At the club, Amenadiel cuts a deal with one of the drug dealers and asks him to show him his drugs. Dan shows up but the drugs were from the dealer’s mother — it was prescription for back surgery.
  • Dan tells Amenadiel that if he wants to keep Charlie safe, then be there for him.

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