Who is Ella’s love interest Pete in Lucifer season 5?

August 21, 2020
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This article “Who is Ella’s love interest Pete in Lucifer season 5?” contains important and major spoilers. 

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Ella is definitely a hopeless romantic and a character whose optimism oozes throughout each episode. In season 5, Ella bumps into crime journalist Pete — so who is Ella’s love interest Pete in Lucifer season 5?

How did they meet?

On a crime scene — while trying to get a scoop, the pair have an obvious attraction for each other. Ella tries her hardest to resist the temptation to go on a date with Pete but eventually, she gives in and offers him a shot. The pair have a lot in common, including their shared passion for Doctor Who, going to conventions together like absolute nerds they are. Pete seems innocent and the only thing holding the couple back is Ella’s overthinking, especially when Pete asks her to move in.

But he isn’t innocent…

As we later find out in part 1 of season 5, Pete is actually very dangerous and we learn he was using Ella to get away with his serial killing crime. As a child, Pete was subjected to plenty of screaming by his mother so as part of his serial killing spree, he takes out people’s vocal cords. Ella thinks Pete’s justifications are weak and does not quite understand why he has turned into a serial killer.

Pete was planning to kill Ella but because she was so kind to him, he was hesitating.

How does Ella find out about Pete’s murderous trait?

While in his house, Ella finds Pete’s hidden room, and all his secrets are laid bare in front of her. Pete predictably shows up and she manages to capture her now ex-boyfriend for arrest.

But poor Ella; she genuinely believed she had found love.

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