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Things go very wrong for the Hazans in “Parting Gift”, and as the bodies begin to pile up, they realize that getting out of the weed business might be even harder than they imagined.

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The Hazans are in a bit of a predicament. Their stomachs are just about stable, but their weed is all off, and Elodie won’t stop calling Aure. In desperation, they put on wetsuits and recover some of their dumped weed; they’re able to get a small amount that’ll pass Jaures’s test, but they need to make sure that’s the weed she actually tests, and not the laxative stuff. Jo suggests putting it at the bottom of the bag since that’s where she always takes the sample from.

While Jaures tests the weed, the real Ludmila tries to make an escape from her room. Jaures approves of the weed and tells Vadim to start loading it up. She’s sad to see them go, but a deal’s a deal. The Hazans give Vadim a round of applause. Jaures has a gift for them — she pulls a gun. Apparently, she can’t let them go that easily. Jo tries to tell her that it’s Aure disguised at Ludmila, but she doesn’t believe him and pulls the trigger. The gun doesn’t fire, and when Jaures turns it around to investigate, she shoots herself in the face. Vadim responds to the shot, and the real Ludmila shoots him in the back.

Naturally, Elodie arrives right at that moment. She tells Aure — still disguised at Ludmila — that she knows what’s in the barn. Aure promises her it’s all over, but Elodie says that one of them has to take the blame since she can’t ignore it. She has 48 hours to turn someone in or Elodie will arrest them all. Joseph is fuming and tells everyone that Aure is still dating Elodie. There’s a lot of arguing, but eventually, everyone decides to bury the bodies in the woods. Ludmila needs to go back to the hospital since she’s obviously a danger to herself and others.

As Jo, Olivier, and Gerard transport the bodies in the van, the rear door sags open and the bodies fall out into the road. Joseph tells Olivier that Clem helped him create the impression that a rival gang was after them — this is in response to Olive calling her an angel. When they get out into the woods they realize that the bodies are missing, so retrace their steps to look for them. (For some reason they do this on foot instead of turning the van around.) They find the bodies, but one of the bags is empty — Vadim was obviously still alive.

When everyone gets back, Olivier confronts Clem and ends up telling her it’s over, despite her pretending to be pregnant. Jaures’s body is taken back to the barn, but Gerard doesn’t want to bury her on the property, for obvious reasons. Instead, they mince her into sausages and pack her onto a palette, to be taken to Olive’s hunting party for the dogs to eat. In a predictable beat, the local cops who Jo and Olive ply with sausages arrive to report that they cornered Vadim in the woods. He isn’t dead, apparently, but might as well be. Of course, they want some meat, and won’t take no for an answer, so Gerard is forced to give them a tray of Jaures sausages.

When Joseph, Olivier, and Gerard are burning the van and weed, all three are ambushed by the police and arrested. This comes right after Aure said goodbye to Ludmila and mentioned that she was going away for a while to do something for the family. Did she snitch?

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