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Predictably, “Burrata” doesn’t bring Family Business to an end — instead, it sets up a third season with several intriguing new developments.

This recap of Family Business season 2, episode 6, “Burrata”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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We’ve reached the finale of Family Business season 2, and it’s looking unlikely everything will be resolved in “Burrata”. Perhaps that’s for the best since more of this show is no bad thing. We pick up with the final episode in prison, as we learn that Vadim is now blind. But, as Gerard says, that doesn’t make him mute. However, Jo thinks if they lay low there’s no way he’ll know they’re there.

Senlis, though, moves Vadim into their cell, and he lets on that he knows who they are. He reckons he’s going to escape next week. Apparently he has it all planned out and an accomplice that’ll help him; Senlis has already arranged to have him transferred to this cell. He needs their help too, to smuggle in a list of items for a bomb. (At first, he hands over a picture of his kids by mistake.)

The creative method the guys come up with to smuggle all this stuff in is using Enrico, who arrives with his band, their instruments, and their spacious cases. Gerard, Jo, and Olivier get up on stage with him for the performance while Vadim picks up the merchandise. When he and Gerard part ways, the fact that Jaures is dead comes through Gerard’s microphone so all the prisoners, including Senlis, hear it. Fair play to Jo trying to sing over the conversation, but it doesn’t help. Senlis tells them that while he hasn’t decided who, he wouldn’t be surprised if one of them dies tonight.

When the guys meet with Aida, she informs them that she exchanged photos of Jaures with the prosecutor — but, obviously, the photos are of Catherine. This causes a major rift between them, and they create enough of a ruckus to be taken to the hole, safe from Senlis and his goons. Meanwhile, Vadim and his accomplice hook the detonator up to the plastic explosive, but since it was incorrectly wired during the handover, it explodes instantly.

As it turns out, Catherine is really a wanted criminal. The prosecutor digs up her record, which includes accusations of a dozen homicides and associations with cartels. “Catherine” is a fabrication. Aida tries to tip Aure and Ludmila off, but Catherine runs into them so the conversation is cut short. The next moment, Aure, Ludmila, and Ali are bundled into a car.

Jo is woken up to be told that, for his safety, he’s being transferred to another prison for vulnerable prisoners, since the explosion Vadim caused looked like an attempt on their lives. During their transfer, though, the prison van is ambushed by armed, masked men (and a woman!), who transport the Hazans to another car. At it races away, we see it’s Catherine who broke them out. Family Business season 2 leaves their fates unclear.

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