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“South-facing” finds Jo, Olivier and Gerard in a bit of a pickle, as they have to arrange a meeting with a dead woman to keep themselves safe.

This recap of Family Business season 2, episode 5, “South-facing”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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Joseph, Olivier, and Gerard begin “South-facing” in police custody. Aure turns up at Elodie’s place and berates her for turning them in, but she insists it wasn’t her — a friend in the DEA warned her off the case. Aure, far from snitching, was going to turn herself in. Elodie says she would have preferred Aure to cheat on her than this. Aure meets with Aida, who seems pretty switched-on about the whole thing. Clem is still sulking because of Olivier dumping her, so Aida agrees to help Aure clean up.

Meanwhile, the police interrogate Jo, Olive, and Gerard, who all play dumb. Aida eventually arrives as their legal representation, but she doesn’t have good news for them — they’re looking at 8-10 years. Luckily, all the other damning evidence has been taken care of. In the meantime, the men are imprisoned. Luckily they all end up in the same cell, which Jo is quite impressed with. Olive, on the other hand, is understandably suspicious, given this isn’t exactly how prison is supposed to work. The cell is south-facing, hence the title of the episode.

Clem goes to see Ludmila, Ali, and Aure in the hospital. Nobody has any ideas for how to get them out; Ali thinks their first step should be to figure out who the snitch is. He thinks it’s Elodie and so does Clem. Catherine also arrives, apparently having been sent by Gerard to check on his mother-in-law. She’s looking a little suspicious, no?

Jo, Olive, and Gerard are set upon in the yard by a ruffian, but they’re protected by some gravel-voiced bigwig who introduces them to Senlis, who can pull a few strings. Hence their cozy family cell. In exchange for their nice setup, he wants them to arrange a meeting with Jaures, which is obviously problematic. They say they won’t be able to do it.

Aida’s boss tells her that if her clients give up their boss, he’ll ensure they get off; if they don’t have a boss, they’ll get a decade hard time. That’s not good news considering their first day isn’t even going well. Senlis arranges a video call during which his brother threatens Aida and the triplets. Jo, panicking, tells them he’ll set up the meeting with Jaures. Gerard thinks they should rat out Jaures since she’s dead and won’t be able to retaliate, but her DNA is all over the barn. Jo meets with Aida but pretends never to have met anyone who they were working for.

Clem thinks she’s got to the bottom of things — she reckons her dad ratted them out since she told him everything and he hates Olivier. Aure isn’t thrilled to hear this and throws her out. What she’s saying makes a lot of sense, though. Aida arrives and asks Aure for the name of their Mafia contact; Jo calls Aure and she pretends he’s Enrico. He tells her they need to set up a meeting between Jaures and one of the big shots in prison, while Aida eavesdrops from the kitchen.

Gerard asks Catherine to pretend to be Jaures. She reluctantly agrees, even if the accent might prove an issue. Aure coaches her through the meeting with Senlis’s brother, Jean-Claude, which is atmospherically torchlit. Ali plays security with a bow he bought from a sports store. Catherine gets very into the role of Mafia boss and makes a 70-30 (in her favor) deal with Jean-Claude. Ali’s excited about the deal, forgetting the fact it’s fake. When Catherine leaves the building she’s photographed by Aida in a nearby building.

Just as it seems like things are looking up for the boys in prison, their McDonald’s is soured when Vadim, very much alive, arrives in the prison.

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