Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 16 recap – the finale explained

November 26, 2020
Daniel Hart 10
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The finale of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol looked to be a satisfying, emotional ending, however, it was one twist too far, and episode 16 becomes absolute nonsense by the time it ends.

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The finale of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol looked to be a satisfying, emotional ending, however, it was one twist too far, and episode 16 becomes absolute nonsense by the time it ends.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 16 — the finale — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The finale begins with Ra-ra recording a video of herself with her dog — LaLa Land is now online. Jun sends her a text to congratulate her. Ra-ra and Jun spend day and night texting each other, demonstrating how in love they really are. Unbeknown to Ra-ra, Jun is well into his cancer therapy. As she sings to him on the phone, he’s in hospital, and he falls asleep with tears in his eyes. Episode 16 is an emotional finale, pulling at the audience’s heartstrings. 

Kim Man-bok is awake 

The next morning, Cha Eun-seok offers Ra-ra good news — Kim Man-bok is awake. She’s so happy to see him up in his hospital bed. She thanks him for the piano. Kim Man-bok explains how he likes seeing happiness in people. Ra-ra then gives Kim Man-bok a letter from Jun and explains that he is “Studying abroad”. Afterwards, Eun-seok checks up on her after he promised to Jun to take care of her. 

Ra-ra wants to propose to Jun 

Ra-ra tells Sook-kyeong and Ha-yeong that she wants to propose to Jun. The women tell her to do a LaLa Land concert at Christmas time. Jun looks at his calendar and believes he can make it. Ra-ra is excited to play a piece together with him. Jun practises the piano while in hospital, watching training videos by Ra-ra. Of course, at this stage, Ra-ra has no idea that Jun has cancer. 

The concert 

The finale then moves to Christmas time, which heightens the romance of the series. Even Kim Man-bok attends the concert despite not fully recovering. Jun’s plane has been delayed due to the heavy snow, so he apologises for being late. But he does send a video of him playing the piano and Ra-ra asks Ha-yeong to play it on the big screen. The concert proceeds and Eun-seok opens with a piece. His ex-wife vows to get him back. 

The performances 

Shin Jae-min is next, and for a young boy, he shows how talented he is on the piano. Everyone is blown away by him.  For the last performance, Ra-ra does her piece while playing Jun’s video on the screen and it works in unison — it’s an alternative version of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. As the music plays, flashbacks are shown to the audience of their relationship. Everyone applauds but Kim Man-bok looks sad and he starts crying — he knows about Jun’s cancer therapy. 

The worst news  

Late in the night, Jun’s mother visits Ra-ra and thanks her. She tells her that Jun was pleased living here, and it breaks her heart. And then Jun’s mother reveals that Jun can no longer visit because he was very ill. Ra-ra doesn’t understand because Jun has just text her, but the mother reveals that she sent it and that the piano video was sent a month ago. Episode 16 is upsetting as it can be; Jun is dead, or at least we thought he was. Ra-ra is devastated. The mother returns the teacup set that Jun brought with him to America. 

His last words 

So the next act of the finale shows how upset everyone is and it’s a genuine tearjerker. With all the crying, flashbacks and narrations, it’s almost emotionally stressful.

The news spreads quick, and everyone is crying. Memories of Jun are repeatedly shown — his last words and what they really meant — like the time he asked Eun-seok to look after Ra-ra. Shock and grief keep overpowering Ra-ra. Jun left her a letter asking her to cry over and over again until she can be happy. This looked to be a finale that shows togetherness and tragic love.

5 years later 

The series then flits to 5 years later, which is a relief because the crying scenes were becoming distressing. LaLa Land Piano Academy is still open, and there’s a young girl named Ji-a playing the piano. It’s Ha-yeong, and Seung-gi’s child and Ra-ra drops her off. 

The ending 

Eun-seok’s ex-wife tells Eun-seok that her heart is aching. She wants him back and not just dating. Eun-seok agrees for them both to get back together. He shares the good news with Ra-ra and thanks her for helping him find his new self. 

Ra-ra is still playing the piano and remembering Jun as she plays it. Sometimes she cries. One day, while playing the piano, Jun returns, and she can’t believe it. The pair hug. Ra-ra is angry, believing he was dead. Jun wanted to wait until he was fully recovered. Ra-ra is starting to believe he is a ghost, but then he kisses her to make it real. 

Where do we start really? While the Netflix series is not meant to be a dimension of realism, the 5-year gap is wholly unrealistic, and it forces the audience to suspend their belief far beyond the other reasonable twists in the story. Also, it’s incredibly cruel and arrogant to pretend to be dead, force your mother to relay the fake news and then expect to return to the woman who loves you 5 years later with open arms (and still be single).

The finale of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol looked to be a satisfying, emotional ending, however, it was one twist too far, and episode 16 becomes absolute nonsense by the time it ends.

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10 thoughts on “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol episode 16 recap – the finale explained

  • November 27, 2020 at 1:31 am

    Hi there! I just wanted to say that no one actually says that he is dead. Jun’s mother only says that he won’t be coming back or something of the sort and Man Bok says something similar. They never actually say that he is dead but, of course, you kind of take for granted that he is just like Rara did and everyone else did too. That’s why Jun is actually alive. That’s why, as you stated here, he says that he didn’t want to say that he was okay nor comeback until he was actually okay. So, although it is cruel in my opinion and kind of extra, it’s not that he forced his mother to tell them that he was dead or something of the sort, it is not that bad and cruel. Just wanted to clarify that!

  • November 27, 2020 at 8:06 am

    I really didn’t get the ending. He is dead and remained dead for 5 years in his loved one’s memory? Or was his mother trying to take advantage of his son’s situation(maybe after she makes sure he will live) and let ra ra move on so when he comes back he won’t have a chance? The latter seems possible but 5 years is a long time for jun not contacting ra ra. He just run back to her, and she is what just accepting that? OR She could be dreaming as if how wonderful it had been with jun returning & watching stars with him……

  • November 28, 2020 at 12:06 pm

    I really loved Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. I was enjoying it so much it was fast becoming my favourite and I could already imagine watching again but then the ending came and I have never been so annoyed. All through the show Jun was quiet and kind and thoughtful and Ra Ra was upbeat and positive. The last five minutes of the show completely undermined their characters and everything that came before, especially Jun. How could anyone EVER let someone that loved them think they were dead? that would be the most cruel, thoughtless and unkind thing imaginable but let’s set that aside because, for me, it was Juns attitude when he turned up at the end that really ruined the whole thing for me. He didn’t seem sorry, or sad to have caused so much pain and sadness (to everyone but mainly RaRa) he just kept smiling, almost laughing. Five years is a very long time and he just waltzed back up to her as if it had been two weeks and all he’d done was forget to bring her a latte. He seemed like a totally different person and I cannot imagine for a second that the Jun that we experienced throughout the rest of the entire show would look and act as the final Jun did. He acted like the whole thing had been a joke and she should be fine with it. The most disappointing ending to any show I have ever watched.

    • November 28, 2020 at 12:12 pm

      Finally, someone agrees with me.

  • November 30, 2020 at 7:14 pm

    ???you just don’t get the medium of kdrama. This is not American tv. Don’t expect or try to make it that. Part of the fun of kdrama is the unbelievable coincidences/plot twists and happy endings. That is part of the charm. Don’t rob it of that!!

    • November 30, 2020 at 8:21 pm

      You changed my laughing emojis to question marks. I think the reactions are funny because you guys just don’t get it. Haha

      • November 30, 2020 at 8:28 pm

        Hi Cathy,

        The site doesn’t support emojis. Sorry for the confusion.

  • January 31, 2021 at 8:46 am

    THAT was the worst ending ever. it doesn’t have to do anything with kdramas in general. The drama was good but the last 2 episodes where rushed and so much was going on. AND THAT ENDING he was better off dead than this. No way in hell anyone enjoyed that. Pretending to be dead. So dumb. I’m really mad rn

  • March 15, 2021 at 12:17 am

    Unfortunately, this series is the proof that you can STILL ruin a wonderful script of 16 hours even in the last 5 minutes. It’s not about korean twist of plot. It’s about “demolishing” the fidelity of your own characters and script as a screenwriter. #OhJiyoung

  • February 16, 2022 at 2:42 am

    Really this was the worst endng of any drama I have ever seen. I love the felt robbed of my emotions and trust when the last 5 minutes throws an unbelievable ending even for a Kdrama and I have seen dozens. We are really expected to believe that a character is dead for 5 years but then just shows up, spreads his arms open for her to run into,
    and just accept that it is something to laugh at?

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