The Uncanny Counter Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – So Mun joins the gang

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 29, 2020 (Last updated: December 3, 2023)
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Netflix K-drama series The Uncanny Counter episode 2


The story is still bedding in for the audience in episode 2 as So Mun becomes accustomed to a new world, and personal problems are dealt with.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series The Uncanny Counter Season 1 Episode 2 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Episode 2 shows a continuation of So Mun getting bullied by the group who were beating up Ung-min. But suddenly, he feels his new strength. However, that doesn’t stop the group of bullies punching him repeatedly until he falls unconscious. And then, the noodle cafe gang arrive to save the day. Ha-na grabs So Mun and carries him out. She threatens to kill the main bully. Go-tak does not accept the bullies apologies and breaks their arms and then erases their memories, so they don’t remember what happened. They heal their bones one the memories are erased. They should have left them broken.

Healed legs

So Mun wakes up in the noodle cafe. He suddenly realises that his leg has been healed and it feels strange for him. He’s been walking on a stick most of his life. When he realises he can walk, he decides to go outside and run; So Mun sprints down the street, and he’s overjoyed. He remembers a time he ran towards his parents on a beach. Afterwards, he opens up to the noodle gang about the death of his parents.

Would you like to face a level 1 evil spirit?

Ga Mo-tak asks So Mun to throw a jab at his hand to test his strength. The more times he throws a jab, the stronger he becomes. Ga Mo-tak then asks him if he’d like to face a level one evil spirit. Both men then sprint outside. As he runs outside, So Mun begins to understand his speed and strength.

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Episode 2 is a chapter of lessons for So Mun who is beginning to learn the ropes.

Saving the young boy and destroying the evil spirit

So Mun finds a woman trying to kill her husband and wants to help even though it isn’t the identified evil spirit who is supposedly male. Ga Mo-tak stops the woman from killing the man. However, he sees a vision of this woman protecting her child who was killed by the husband. The others arrive and put the woman asleep and then heal the boy, so he comes back to life. Ha-na puts her hand on the husband, and it’s revealed he was hosting the evil spirit. She destroys the spirit.

A night left to decide

When they get back to the noodle cafe, the others congratulate So Mun for helping them find the evil spirit. They ask him to think about joining their cause and give him red tracksuit like the ones they wear. As he leaves, Ga Mo-tak tells him he only has until tomorrow to decide. When So Mun returns home, his grandma gets emotional because he can walk. The story has framed it from the position that So Mun’s curiosity is the reason he wants to join the noodle gang — which is very similar to Mystic Pop-Up Bar. 

So Mun joins the team

The next day, So Mun visits the noodle gang, wearing his full red tracksuit. The night before, Wi-gen lays down the ground rules — do not use powers to gain revenge or get involved in human affairs. So Mun asks Wi-gen if he can visit his parents as a favour. As part of the hazing process, So Mun’s noodle friends tell him to put a painted handprint on a wall. He manages to exceed expectations and jumps farther than they expected.

Dealing with the bullies

At school, the bullies ask So Mun what happened the night before as they don’t remember anything and that they woke up on the school gym floor. The lead bully slaps So Mun. And then So Mun shows his super strength and uses it to punch them all to the floor and then asks them if they are embarrassed. So Mun asks them not to bully any of them again, or he will go after them. Is this So Mun using his powers for human affairs? Maybe there are flaky guidelines.

The lowdown

Ga Mo-tak gives So Mun the lowdown of how his powers work, the territories and how they catch evil spirits. He notes that Ha-na is usually the one that finds them. Ga Mo-tak then tells him about the four different levels of evil spirits, but they haven’t come across a level 4 yet. The noodle gang describe to So Mun the appearance of the evil spirit that killed Cheol-jung. Using his skills, So Mun draws the spirit, and they vow to find it. The plot is almost playing out like a video game.

The ending

Episode 2 confirms that So Mun has a crush on Ha-na. He struggles to focus when he watches her work-out. She asks him to try to take her down as part of the training. The pair spa but Ha-na convincingly wins every exchange. Ga Mo-tak then enters and beats So Mun over and over again and tells him he has work to do. Viewers are then treated to a Rocky montage of scenes of So Mun training and making himself extremely fit.

Before the episode ends, Ha-na has sensed a level three spirit. The last scene shows a man walking up behind a young girl with an evil look.

The story is still bedding in for the audience in The Uncanny Counter episode 2 as So Mun becomes accustomed to a new world, and personal problems are dealt with.

Additional points
  • It appears Detective Ga we saw at the start of the series is Go Mo-tak. He lost his memory entirely.

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