Is Lilith still alive in Warrior Nun Season 2?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 11, 2022
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Is Lilith still alive in Warrior Nun Season 2?

Sister Lilith is one of the primary characters in Netflix’s adaptation of Warrior Nun. While she began the first season as a favored member of the Order of the Cruciform Sword, in the second season she becomes one of the principal antagonists by forming an alliance with Adriel. She has had many ups and downs, deaths and rebirths throughout the first two seasons, both literal and metaphorical. But is Lilith still alive in Warrior Nun? Here’s what we know.

Ever since the first season of Warrior Nun, Lilith has been positioned as something of an antagonist to Ava. She has had an interesting journey since then, especially in the second season, so it’s well worth tracing Lilith’s arc until the point we left her in the Season 2 finale, very much a different character than the one we met way back in the Season 1 premiere.

Who is Lilith?

Lilith is a committed and arrogant member of the Order of the Cruciform Sword who believes being the Halo-Bearer is essentially her birthright since she comes from a wealthy family who has served the Order in that capacity for generations. When Ava receives the Halo in the first season, this is the cause of the initial antagonism between the two.

Many times throughout the first season Lilith tries to kill Ava. A major turning point for her comes when she is mortally wounded by a Tarask and then taken to Hell. It’s believed that Lilith is dead, but she later re-emerges through a portal, though admittedly changed quite fundamentally by the experience.

In the second season, Lilith’s arc revolves around her coming to terms with her new state of being but also her place in the world since she is not going to be the Halo-Bearer in the OCS. This leads her first to Jillian and her experiments with the Arc, and then, ultimately, to Adriel, who helps her to embrace her new abilities.

Is Lilith still alive in Warrior Nun Season 2?

Yes, Lilith is still alive in Warrior Nun season 2. She is heavily involved in the final battle and will presumably be involved in the “Holy War” that is to come, which she warns Beatrice of.

Does Lilith die in Warrior Nun?

If you want to get technical, Lilith technically dies in the first season when she’s impaled by a Tarask and dragged to Hell. Does visiting Hell count as dying? It must do, mustn’t it? Let’s just assume it does.

Either way, when Lilith returns, she’s fundamentally changed by the experience, and adapting to those changes is a fundamental part of her arc in the second season. In the end, under Adriel’s influence, she actually embraces the changes, which cause new ones to occur. She already had teleportation, magic nails/claws, and healing after her return, but Adriel’s influence allows her to unlock “true sight” and a pair of big, black, leathery angel wings.

Why is Lilith still alive in Warrior Nun?

It isn’t entirely clear how Lilith was able to return from Hell, so I’m not sure how she’s still alive in that sense. However, she’s still alive at the end of the second season because her new powers mean that she’s basically supercharged. She gets into several scrapes that her flying, teleporting, claws, and healing allow her to survive pretty easily, all things considered.

Who plays Lilith?

Lilith is played by Lorena Andrea, an English-born actress with Spanish and Colombian parents. Her biggest credit outside of Warrior Nun is probably the 2017 film Papillonbut she’s also due to star in the remake of The Little Mermaid which is slated for release next year.

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