Does Ava lose the Halo in Warrior Nun Season 2?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 11, 2022
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Does Ava lose the Halo in Warrior Nun Season 2?

Ava is the protagonist in both seasons of Warrior Nun, and her relationship with the Halo is particularly important. But the Halo doesn’t always take to those who possess it, and Ava doesn’t always get along with the magical artifact. But does Ava lose the Halo in Warrior Nun Season 2? Well, let’s see. And, of course, huge spoilers follow.

Both Ava (Alba Baptista) and the Halo are absolutely integral to both seasons of Warrior Nun — after all, one doesn’t become the Warrior Nun in the first place without the Halo. Both are inextricably linked, but the device doesn’t always play along — and neither, for that matter, does Ava. While the first season of Warrior Nun gave us some backstory for the Halo, its first bearer Areala, and Adriel, Warrior Nun season 2 digs much deeper into these matters and more, so let’s do our best to unpack things.

What is the Halo in Warrior Nun?

The Halo is a mystical, magical artifact that is intimately tied to the Order of the Cruciform Sword. Only the Halo-Bearer is considered the titular Warrior Nun. The artifact grants the bearer magical powers and allows them to see demons.

The first bearer of the Halo was Areala of Cordoba. In snippets of backstory, we saw how Adriel, who was originally explained as an angel, gave his Halo to her in order to save her life. The Halo has been passed down through generations since. It can grant the bearer many magical abilities. We’ve seen it bring people back from the dead (including Ava), heal wounds, grant enhanced strength and other physical attributes, and allow the bearer to levitate and phase through solid objects.

As we learn in the second season the Halo originates in another realm and was stolen by Adriel.

Who did Adriel steal the Halo from?

Adriel stole the Halo from Reya, an all-powerful being in his realm who we get a few glimpses of in the second season. She appears most notably in the Season 2 finale, since Adriel tries to pull her through the Arc to imprison her, just as he was imprisoned after being betrayed by Areala.

Does Ava lose the Halo in Warrior Nun Season 2?

No, Ava does not lose the Halo in Warrior Nun Season 2. In the finale, Ava takes on Adriel and Lilith in a final battle, wielding the Divinium sword. However, she’s eventually overpowered, especially since the Halo is on the fritz thanks to Arq-Tech. In desperation, she detonates the Divinium bomb planted inside Michael by Reya, which badly injures both herself and Adriel.

However, since Adriel cannot be killed in this realm, he heals quickly. Once the Halo regains its power, Ava uses it to pull several Tarask demons into this realm, and they promptly tear Adriel apart. Since they originate in a different realm, they’re able to kill him. However, they’re also temperamental. When they round on Ava, though, Reya pulls them away, saving Ava. Reya also allows Ava to keep the Halo, though the reasons why aren’t entirely clear. She recognizes that Ava saves her, and perhaps trusts her to do some good with the Halo’s power.

At the end of the season, Beatrice carries a badly wounded Ava (and the Halo) through the Arc, sending her to Reya’s realm in the hopes of her being healed.

Who is the traitor in Warrior Nun Season 2?

In Warrior Nun season 2, episode 6, the OCS plan to denounce and capture Adriel by ambushing him at a public appearance he’s giving and turning Arq-Tech’s plague generators against him. The idea is that Duretti will show the world he isn’t really mystical and is instead aided by technology, and then the OCS will use the Crown of Thorns to incapacitate him so he can be sent back through the Arc, which will subsequently be destroyed. It’s a complex plan with a lot of moving parts, but it goes wrong chiefly because Adriel and his First Born Children are already wise to it.

This means that there is a traitor within the OCS since that’s the only way Adriel could have known of the plan. However, this detail isn’t clarified in subsequent episodes, and when the season ends we still don’t know who the traitor was.

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