Warrior Nun season 2 ending explained – is Ava alive or dead?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 10, 2022 (Last updated: December 14, 2022)
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Warrior Nun season 2 ending explained - is Ava alive or dead?


An action-packed climax doesn’t exactly conclude the story, but it does provide a number of satisfying moments.

This article contains spoilers for Warrior Nun season 2, episode 8, “Jeremiah 29:13”, including an open discussion of the Warrior Nun Season 2 ending. 

The finale of Warrior Nun season 2 picks up right where the penultimate episode left off, with Ava having used the Crown of Thorns to step into Adriel’s realm in the hopes of finding a way to defeat him. There, she’s greeted by Tarasks, seemingly the personal guardians of Reya herself, and when she eventually comes to in the midst of Beatrice and Vincent bickering about what’s going on, she declares that she knows just what to do.

Warrior Nun season 2, episode 8 recap

She doesn’t explain, though, and you’re just going to have to get used to that. “Jeremiah 29:13” mostly works as a finale, but it relies on deliberate obfuscation and characters purposefully withholding things in order to keep the viewer guessing, which can get a bit grating after a while. However, at least Warrior Nun provides an in-universe justification for Ava’s reluctance to explain, since she’s planning to sacrifice herself to detonate Michael’s Divinium bomb and she knows that the other nuns would try to stop her if they knew.

Adriel’s plan, in a nutshell, is to enslave all of Earth by bringing enough wraith demons through the Arc. His attempts to seize power in his own realm failed because Reya is more powerful than he is, but here, he can rule the roost, especially with his crucifixes causing Ava’s Halo to play up. There’s no wonder, really, that Ava feels like she has no other alternative than a suicide bombing.

With Vincent’s help, the OCS get inside Adriel’s cathedral and start laying waste to his guards. Michael sneaks off during the parking lot shootout, and Ava later reveals that she intentionally told Jillian to lie about the location of the Arc within the cathedral so that she could break off and sacrifice herself to save the others. Ava shares a goodbye kiss with Beatrice and heads off to meet Michael, but Beatrice isn’t having that, and figures out where the Arc is so she can try to intervene in what’s about to happen.

In amongst all this we get some nice character moments, notes of redemption, minor showdowns, and all the usual bits and bobs you’d expect of a season finale. Vincent helps to distract Christian while some of the nuns bomb the crucifix. Yasmine gets to come into her own as a member of the OCS by slicing William’s femoral artery open. Beatrice gets a whole scene of ownage to herself.

But what’s important is what’s going on down in the basement. Once again, nobody thinks about Lilith, so she teleports in out of nowhere and rather unceremoniously rips out one of Michael’s organs, killing him instantly. So, no emotional martyrdom here. Instead Ava has to fight Adriel and Lilith both while Adriel tries to drag Reya through the Arc so he can imprison her. It’s all very chaotic.

Eventually, though, the bomb inside Michael gets set off, badly injuring both Ava and Adriel (half his face is blown off in a nice gore effect.) As we know, though, he can’t be killed in this realm. Or can he? Well, Michael, the Divinium, the Halo – none of these things are technically of this realm, so it’s a matter of semantics, really. Adriel recovers from the explosion, but once the power-dampening cross is taken down and the Halo starts working again, Ava is able to use it to summon the Tarasks into this realm. They tear Adriel apart like paper, and Reya, sensing she’s been done a solid by Ava, sends them away before they can do any more damage. Reya and Ava share a knowing nod before Ava drops to the ground, still mortally wounded by the bomb blast.

Warrior Nun season 2 ending

There is, as Lilith of all people says to Beatrice, who arrives in the nick of time, only one way to save Ava – to shove her through the Arc and hope she finds salvation in the other realm. So, they do, in a tearful goodbye. Ava is alive at the end of Season 2, but only just.

Lilith mentions an impending Holy War, and it’s something I theorized about earlier, so if there is a third season I definitely think that’s where it’s going. Lilith dramatically unfurls her demon wings and… teleports away. Why pull the wings out not to fly off? This annoyed me more than it probably should have.

Anyway, that’s the last we see of Ava and Lilith. The last we see of Beatrice is as she’s leaving the OCS, though we don’t know exactly where she’s going. Mother Superion and Vincent remain at the convent, and the Halo-Bearer’s Divinium sword is safely behind a glass display case, where it quietly pulses with power.

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