A Love So Beautiful episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

December 29, 2020 (Last updated: January 7, 2021)
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A Love So Beautiful episode 1 is a relatively simple opener, providing a predictable romantic premise that fans will enjoy.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series A Love So Beautiful episode 1 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Episode 1 starts at school, with the establishment preparing for new students. Shin Sol-i tells Cha Heon that they are in the same school and class again, and she believes it is fate. She tells him that she likes him. Cha Heon replies bluntly “I don’t like you”. Shin Sol-i tells him that she will figure it out and runs off. I mean 10/10 for confidence.

She follows him around

The series then flits to 2020 in the summer and obviously Shin Sol-i is older. Her friend tells her that they are late for class. The scene reverts back to when she was younger, where she admired Cha Heon. The episode flits back to 2006. Shin Sol-i feels she always followed Cha Heon around (she did).

Failing at class/ failing at romance

In class, Shin Sol-i is doing bad with exam scores, and she apologises to her teacher. She’s way too distracted in class due to her crush, and the issue is compounded when Hui-ji takes an interested in Cha Heon. Sol-i looks on with a concerned look; she asks Jin-hwan, her friend, who has a smaller face. He tells her she doesn’t have a chance. She’s officially obsessed.

Writing a love letter and a transfer student

Getting desperate, Sol-i decides to write a love letter for Cha Heon with the help from Jin-hwan. She calls her friend a genius after using his suggested words. She goes over the love letter over and over again, and another student eavesdrops and mocks her as she was rapping the letter. Later in class, the student that was eavesdropping on Sol-i’s love letter joins the class — he’s a transfer student — his name is Woo Dae-sung. Maybe he’s going to form part of a love triangle.

Love letter leaked

After class, seniors grab the love letter and mock Sol-i and Jin-hwan. One of the girls named Ha-young defends them and then Dae-sung comes to the rescue. In class, a teacher starts reading out the letter. Cha Heon claims that he is violating Sol-i’s student rights, but the teacher dismisses that notion and continues reading it. Another student realises that the love letter is song lyrics. The class is amused and starts singing along. Sol-i is off the hook.

The ending

Sol-i and Cha Heon ride home together after school and Sol-i is over the moon. She feels that even though he never received a love letter from her, he knows that she has feelings for him. In the epilogue, Cha Heon admires Sol-i who is asleep on a bench. Looks like he has feelings for her too!

A Love So Beautiful episode 1 is a relatively simple opener, providing a predictable romantic premise that fans will enjoy.

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