Vikings season 6, episode 14 recap – what happened in “Lost Souls”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 30, 2020 (Last updated: January 18, 2023)
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Amazon series Vikings season 6, episode 14 - Lost Souls


“Lost Souls” is all about compromises — there’s plenty of them in this chapter as power struggles are sticking out like a sore thumb.

This recap of Amazon’s Vikings season 6, episode 14, “Lost Souls” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

As the Good Friday ceremony continues, Prince Oleg senses that Igor is gone and asks that he is found. Oleg joins in on the Good Friday ritual and is whipped repeatedly as they reimagine Jesus Christ’s torture. Igor and others continue to ride by the ceremony and hold their breath, hoping they are not caught. Eventually, they are let through. This was a way easier escape than the story initially implied.

Reaching golden land

As for Ubbe and the voyage, the seas have settled. They find the land they were looking for and sail towards it. When they reach the land, it is bare. It looks scarce of resources. It’s not the land they imagined.

Harald’s proposal

Harald tells Gunnhild that she would have made a great Queen. He doesn’t want them to forget their past. He tells Gunnhild that he, her, and Bjorn belong together. Harald proposes that they marry so she can be Queen of Kattegat — he doesn’t expect an immediate answer. Gunnhild tells him that she lost Bjorn’s child. Harald tells her she can still have children. Harald is securing his seat at Kattegat by diplomatically talking to those involved and enabling trust — but of course, he’s not to be trusted.

Hailed by crowds

When Igor reaches Novgorod, he is hailed by the locals and Prince Dir greets him with glee. Dir announces that they will plan their attack on Kiev — he wants to prepare but first, celebrate. Meanwhile, Oleg tells his first wife’s tomb that it’s become a custom for his wives to betray him and that those who stabbed in the back will suffer.

It’s free land

Othere throws doubt that this is the land he saw years ago. Kjetill defends the land, stating it is free and they can colonize it. Ubbe agrees and suggests that they look for other inhabitants. Ubbe speaks to Torvi about Asa, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. They lost her at sea, and you can see the grief etched on her face.

Harald tells Ingrid the child is his

Harald asks Ingrid why she wanted to be Queen. Ingrid confirms she is carrying Bjorn’s child. Harald grabs her by the back of the neck and tells her the child is his. He then calls her a witch and believes she is concocting either a love potion or poison. He drinks it anyway. “Lost Souls” leaves both women who were once propelled to the possibility of rulers, having to compromise their positions and everything they believe.

Oleg prepares for battle

Oleg holds a council and tells them that his wife and Igor are missing. He also confirms that Ivar has joined forces with Dir. He wants to plan an attack and believes a victory is assured.

A bodyguard proposal

Harald sits with Erik. He tells Erik he knows who he is; he wants to know what he wants. Erik states he likes to be an outsider and that he has changed. Harald asks Erik if he’d like to be his new bodyguard as he does not trust his current one.

Afterward, Harald’s supposed ally Scoti (apologies, the name was not clear with the subtitles at the time) proposes to Erik that they kill Harald. At this stage, Erik has a choice to make — stand with Harald, or change the course of the future.

Naming the land

Kjetill tells Ubbe and the others that the land can be promising as the conditions improve. The next step is to separate the land amongst different families. Kjetill believes they should call it Greenland. Ubbe speaks to Othere and tells him he believes that this is not the land that he saw. Ubbe wakes up in the middle of the night, and he hears voices; the Seer tells him he should leave their new place.

Erik chooses a side

Ingrid tells Harald that Gunnhild wants to meet him and she takes him to a specific location. He’s attacked by his ally Scoti — Erik helps him and cuts off Scoti’s head. Erik has chosen his allegiance with this action. Soon afterward, Harald is announced as king of Kattegat. Harald then tells the crowd that he intends to marry both Ingrid and Gunnhild. He’s following in Bjorn’s footsteps in having two wives — he wants the same legacy as the former ruler.

Why would you marry your rapist?

Gunnhild asks Ingrid if she is certain of carrying Bjorn’s child. Ingrid states she is not certain. Gunnhild doesn’t understand why she would marry a man that raped her. Ingrid states she has no advantages and no way of making her life better, apart from using her wits and sex — she points out that Gunnhild is a known shieldmaiden, while she is nothing. Gunnhild visits Bjorn’s tomb and tells her dead husband that to retain her status, she must marry Harald — she wonders if the Vikings’ golden age is gone. Gunnhild vows not to compromise herself or Bjorn — “I will do the right thing”. It’s not clear what she means by these words, keeping the audience on tenterhooks.

The ending

On the new land, Kjetill’s son Frodi has made a discovery and asks everyone to follow him. He has found a whale, strewn on the land, dead in the area that their family has claimed. Ubbe believes that there’s enough food for everyone, but Kjetill states the whale landed in his area and believes the God sent it to him for his family. Torvi calls it luck and Ubbe is dismayed that they are not in this together. It did not take long for this voyage for new land to fall apart!

Vikings season 6, episode 14 is all about compromises — there’s plenty of them in this chapter as power struggles are sticking out like a sore thumb.

Additional points
  • Igor tells Ivar how much he appreciates him for everything he taught him — “you saved me”. Igor tells Ivar that he loves him and he always will.

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