Vikings season 6, episode 15 recap – what happened in “All At Sea”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 30, 2020 (Last updated: January 18, 2023)
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Amazon series Vikings season 6, episode 15 - All At Sea


“All At Sea” compounds the audiences with more major character decisions — the final ever installment is not holding back, with the writers appearing to have fun with closing out stories.

This recap of Amazon’s Vikings season 6, episode 15, “All At Sea” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

On the new land now named Greenland, Ubbe talks to Othere about Kjetill — Othere tells Ubbe that Kjetill killed Floki — he cannot prove it, but he is sure. This is a defining moment in the voyage for new land. Ubbe knows he will likely have to defend himself — his dream to find the golden land is nearly over.

“All At Sea” also sees a potential new battle brewing — Prince Dir, Ivar, Igor, and Hvitserk ride out with their army to Kiev, ready to take on Oleg.

You sold me as a slave

Ingrid remembers that Erik sold her once as a slave and brings it up to him. Erik is alarmed that she remembers. Ingrid doesn’t believe he has any power over her as Harald is not bothered that she is a witch. After an entire chapter of Erik playing with both women, it seems to have backfired greatly.

Greenland is lost

Tensions rise on Greenland; Ubbe is angry at Kjetill for losing his mind. Kjetill declares himself as the king, and he’s acting manically, believing that God delivered the whale to him. Everyone starts fighting as Kjetill defends his whale. This is the last thing Ubbe wanted. Othere grabs Ubbe and tells everyone to run towards the boats. This has quickly turned into a failed voyage as many people clamber on the boat and leave Kjetill on the land. There is no food on the boat, but Othere reassures everyone that they will be okay. Kjetill manically continues to announce himself as King of Greenland. This is a huge blow for Ubbe, who wanted an entirely new life for himself and his family and it was dismantled within days.

Empty Kiev

When Prince Dir and co reach the gates of Kiev, it’s empty. Ivar states it is a trap, but then they claim the place and celebrate. Flashbacks show Oleg hanging himself on a cross. He declares himself as the son of God. It all seems too simple for Dir. And surprisingly, there are no more twists — it is that simple.

Prince Oleg asks for peace, but Igor does what needs to be done

Oleg comes from his room and shows himself to the crowds. He asks that they all live in peace together as God intended — he requests that they put their differences aside. He talks to Igor and Ivar like family, but Dir tells them to ignore him as he’s a liar. Ivar gives Igor a bow and arrow and asks him to kill his uncle.

As Ivar offers to kill Oleg, Igor grabs the bow and kills his uncle while apologizing to him. A new legacy has dawned. Another character is dead.

Gunnhild’s choice

King Harald carries out a marriage ceremony. Ingrid walks down the aisle to start the union. However, there’s an odd silence as Gunnhild takes a while to turn up. She does eventually cloaked in a white dress with a hood — she wishes Harald and Ingrid a happy marriage and tells the King she cannot marry him as she’s still married to Bjorn in her heart. Gunnhild has a consuming smile on her face — we can sense that she feels free as she’s made a defining choice that keeps her principles intact. She declares she is off to go see her love in Valhalla.

This is a brave moment from Gunnhild, who does not want to compromise and betray Bjorn or herself. She strips off her dress and looks out to the sea and dives. She reaches the surface of the water as Harald and Ingrid look on, a little stunned as she swims away. Gunnhild lays in the water, allowing it to consume her as she slowly goes back under it, ready to drown and join her husband, Bjorn.

This was wonderfully directed; it presents how there is so much belief, religiously and spiritually in our history — Gunnhild was so confident to lose her life, and the belief was etched all over her face. It was beautiful and tragic in many ways; she was free in her mind.

Tired of Othere’s stories

While on the boat, and back to safety, Ubbe asks Othere how he learned to fight. Othere explains how he has been alongside warriors, but Torvi and Ubbe are getting annoyed at his stories. Suddenly, Othere sees clouds ahead, and they have rain to hydrate. Everyone is excited to finally see rain and take it in. There’s hope that they will survive.

News for Ivar

At Kiev, celebrations are in full swing. Katia asks Ivar what his plans are now. He seems to have his focus on her, but Katia tells him that her family is more important than him. Ivar looks a little devastated but says he has other ambitions. Katia does not want Ivar to blame her for carrying his child — a moment of shock for Ivar; it was subtly delivered in the party’s ambiance.

Blessing the death of Oleg

The next phase of the celebration is the blessing of Oleg’s death. Katia is dressed in black as the widowed wife, and she kisses his dead body. Ivar asks Hvitserk if he wants to stay in Kiev and reveals that Katia is carrying his child. Hvitserk states he has no idea what has happened in Kattegat since Bjorn has died. Ivar highlights that they are still destined to kill each other. Both brothers still accept that they are fated to hurt each other.

The ending

The next day, Ivar plans to leave. Katia says goodbye to him; she promises him that their child will be blessed and know that his father is Ivar the Boneless and a great King. Katia tells Ivar that he does not love her, and mistakes her for his deceased wife — “But I am not her”. She doesn’t want to disappoint him and tells him to go. As Ivar leaves, Igor is emotional and shouts after him. He sees him as a brother. In a flashback, Ivar tells Igor that he’s no longer a child and that everyone loves him. In the present day, Ivar smiles at him and rides off. Hvitserk tells his brother that he has changed.

Vikings season 6, episode 15 compounds the audiences with more major character decisions — the final ever installment is not holding back, with the writers appearing to have fun with closing out stories.

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