Vikings season 6, episode 19 recap – what happened in “The Lord Giveth…”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 30, 2020 (Last updated: January 18, 2023)
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Amazon series Vikings season 6, episode 19 - The Lord Giveth


“The Lord Giveth…” ramps up the story, bringing a fast-paced penultimate chapter in the final ever instalment. With stories slowly closing out, a lot is still at stake, which suggests an exciting finale is next

This recap of Amazon’s Vikings season 6, episode 19, “The Lord Giveth…” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

On the new land, Ubbe and co are surrounded by the locals with arrows. The leader asks his men to lower their weapons. Torvi asks everyone to put down their weapons, and the diplomacy begins. She introduces herself to their leader. The local leader tells them that they would rather have peace. He asks them to meet their sagamaw Pekitaulet. They are introduced to a family who offers them assistance and friendship. There’s a warmness amongst the community. Their fears are relieved.

Alfred’s belief

King Alfred prepares for battle with his army and asks his scouts to ride up the hills to find evidence of the Vikings. Queen Elsworth is still irritated that they left the Royal Villa abandoned and believes the Vikings will find joy in it. Alfred believes they will be victorious for battle. But does he believe it? He is not as convincing as the Viking counterpart.

Irritable Erik

Ingrid asks Erik why he does not talk anymore. Erik is irritated that he’s blind and that she doesn’t share any information. Ingrid tells Erik that she has asked a man to go to Denmark to investigate and assassinate the King, who has converted to Christianity. Erik wonders if he had objected, would it have made a difference. Meanwhile, the male slave tells a female slave that he has to kill Queen Ingrid — they plot together how they can kill her.

Team building

Torvi tells Ubbe that she does not fear the locals, believing they don’t mean any harm. They invite them to their side of the land. The tribe cross the waters and are greeted by Ubbe and co. They partake in activities together, including practicing bow and arrow. Othere tells them his story.

“Cripple them”

Alfred and his army continue matching through the fog. One of their large Christian crosses falls, suggesting a bad omen. As they enter the forest, Alfred asks his army to hold. Harald’s army faces them. Flashbacks show Ivar’s plan — to cripple 500 Saxons so another 1,000 Saxons have to rescue them. He marks that Alfred is a Christian and he will care about them. In the present day, as Alfred’s army moves forward, metal traps in the ground cripple Saxon soldiers’ legs, injuring many of Alfred’s men. Alfred asks his men to help them as predicted. “The Lord Giveth…” shows how strategic Ivar can be once again, as the final ever series closes out. This was a joy to watch.

The battle begins

As Alfred’s men help, Harald’s men surface from the ground and start killing Alfred’s men. Alfred asks his men to advance and engage in battle. Ivar watches on the sidelines as the battle goes into full swing — he’s seeing his strategy come to fruition. In the flashback, Ivar plans to get the Queen by pretending to be Saxons. In the battle, Queen Elsworth is captured from her carriage. She’s dragged away by her neck and is struggling to breathe. Alfred is wounded badly in battle, but he does not seem to be losing hope.

Harald is wounded

The fog worsens, and Ivar cannot see anything. Alfred refuses to retreat because he believes Jesus Christ is amongst them. As the battle continues, a sword is plunged into Harald’s chest, and a Saxon looks down at him as he writhes in pain. He tells Harald that he will die alone and be forgotten. Valhalla awaits him. In his struggle, Harald still manages to kill the soldier who was complacent before he dies.

The ending

While Erik sleeps with the female slave, the male slave that Erik hired walks behind Ingrid. She asks him who asked him to kill her. She knows it is Erik. Meanwhile, the female slave kills Erik in a barn after he gets too rough during sex. The male slave that was ordered to kill Ingrid is hanged in front of crowds and Ingrid and the female slave smile at each other — she was one step ahead; Erik played with a witch and got what he deserved.

In the new land, Ubbe notices carvings on a tree, and it symbolizes Ragnar. He tells Torvi that this is their story. One of the locals then shouts “crazy man” up at a treehouse. A man leaves the treehouse above them — it’s Floki.

Vikings season 6, episode 19 ramps up the story, bringing a fast-paced penultimate chapter in the final ever installment. With stories slowly closing out, a lot is still at stake, which suggests an exciting finale is next. Fans will be pleased with the courageous writing in the final season.

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