Vikings season 6, episode 20 recap – the ending explained/final ever episode

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 30, 2020 (Last updated: January 18, 2023)
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Amazon series Vikings season 6, episode 20 - The Last Act - the ending explained/final ever episode


“The Last Act” an emotionally driven, well-written, and respectfully delivered ending to a longstanding series that fans have loved — the final ever episode strikes an emotional chord and shows maturity in themes as the characters find absolute closure.

This recap of Amazon’s Vikings season 6, episode 20, “The Last Act” — the ending explained/final ever episode — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The final ever episode of Vikings opens up with Ubbe and Floki embracing each other — a significant moment, a finale-esque moment. Floki tells them that the locals have taken care of him, and when he arrived on the new land, they healed him. He tells them he left Iceland because the sadness became too much as it imprisoned him, and felt deserted by the Gods. He doesn’t remember what made him sad. He’s seemingly spiritual and neutral — there’s no hint of hatred in him. It’s a reunion that gives clarity to Ubbe and Torvi.

Peace negotiations

King Alfred and Ivar the Boneless stand in the middle of the Saxons and they greet each other — they’ve agreed on an armistice while they negotiate peace. Alfred notes how they are still fighting like their fathers did and desires an end to this endless war cycle. Ivar suggests negotiating peace for Alfred’s sake. After Alfred looks at his Queen Elsworth, he rejects Ivar’s offer and claims that he “fears to lose” — he doesn’t believe Ivar wants true peace and feels his Gods have misled him. Ivar mocks his rejection statement and tells Alfred he is outnumbered. Alfred explains that his people fight for God’s love and their land and suggests that he leaves. Ivar throws down the white flag to end the armistice and suggests the war continues. Was it going to go any other way in the Vikings final ever episode?

A land of opportunity

Othere tells Ubbe that the dark blood of revenge impacted Floki. He asks Ubbe what he sees when he looks at the new world. Ubbe says he sees opportunities — everything Ragnar dreamed of. Othere asks Ubbe if he wants to live in the “old ways”. This scene was intimate in many ways — Othere is not forcing new ideologies on Ubbe, he’s encouraging his imagination while looking out at a new beautiful world; it doesn’t need to be about blood and war. They can enjoy a good life. This is one of the strengths of Ubbe and Torvi’s story — it looks beyond their cyclical way of doing things. They are teasing with humanity and peace.

“Old ways”

One of Ubbe’s men tries to find gold and sneaks into the locals’ tents. He is caught and ends up slashing one of the local’s throats before running off. This is what Othere was referencing — the “old ways” that keeps everything in a cycle — the ending of Vikings season 6 brings Ubbe a challenge to change. The locals bring the man to Ubbe, and they are dismayed at the death of one of their own. Ubbe does not condone or forgive what this man did. He offers to punish the man for his crimes. One of the women stares at Ubbe and notices he has blue eyes, which means danger.

New world and a new way of doing things

The man lies to Ubbe and tells him that he was attacked and it was self-defense. Floki does not pass judgment, stating he has his own counsel. Othere believes he needs to be punished, but the man gets emotional. Ubbe believes this is a new world, and they need to adjust. He sentences the man to death — Othere tells the man he has an opportunity to go to Valhalla. This is not about sides anymore in the new world; it’s about doing what is right for peace.

Eyes are bluer

The battle in England continues after peace negotiations fall apart. Soldiers charge at each other, and Hvitserk is as determined as ever as strategist Ivar stands back and watches, but they are losing. An emotional Ivar struggles to walk forward as he watches his brother bravely fight while he’s in agonizing pain. Alfred talks to his God and asks for answers; Ivar talks to his Gods as well — both men are relying on their faiths to get through this war. As Ivar struggles to move forward, his eyes light up bluer — he’s in great danger.

Goodbye brother

Ivar grabs Hvitserk and requests that he leaves the battlefield. He tells his brother to go — he admits he can never kill him. Hvitserk tells Ivar that his eyes are blue and gets emotional. Both brothers put their heads together and say “I love you” repeatedly. This is it. The moment that Vikings season 6 has drummed up for twenty chapters — the ending for Ivar is here in the final ever episode, and it’s done with raw emotion and respect.

One day, everyone will know of Ivar the Boneless

Ivar then screams with his chest that he is “Ivar the Boneless” and that he will live forever. Alfred looks over at him as he begins killing soldiers. Hvitserk kneels next to his brother, injured from battle, and says, “One day, everyone will know of Ivar the Boneless,” and his eyes well up. A Saxon soldier faces Ivar with nerves in his eyes — Ivar tells him, Do not be afraid”. The soldier stabs Ivar repeatedly after Ivar prompts him. Alfred continues to look on as blood leaves Ivar’s mouth. Ivar looks back at his brother and collapses, his bones cracking. Hvitserk kneels over his brother, and Alfred tells his men to stop fighting.

Ivar tells his brother that he is afraid. Hvitserk tells him that no-one will forget him as he slowly dies. There’s silence as Ivar lays there. Alfred kneels beside them both, and Hvitserk asks him to leave him alone with his brother. Alfred signals a cross on his chest — there’s a deep respect for what has happened; the silence is more impactful than the fighting, more impactful than the music.

Carrying out the punishment

Back at the new land, Ubbe carries out the punishment on the man that killed one of the local tribe. He slits his neck in front of everyone. Torvi is told by one of the locals that they are “welcome to this place, but not welcome to possess it”. What a great line, and the irony that it’s thrown at a group of people that have always wanted to possess land.

Word reaches Kattegat

Hvitserk talks to Ivar’s grave and wishes him a good time in Valhalla. Meanwhile, King Alfred holds the chess piece that Ivar gave to him. Back at Kattegat, Ingrid and her people learn that Harald was slain and they lost the battle — but the biggest news that sends shockwaves is that Ivar the Boneless was killed. The people chant “long live the Queen”. From slave to verified Queen — that’s called progress.


Ingrid asks about Hvitserk, and then the scene flits to him in a Christian Church — he renounces his allegiance with Odin and all other “false Gods”. He asks for baptism. Alfred welcomes him as a Christian Saxon prince and gives him a new name. Hvitserk smiles slightly — he has a new home.

The ending

Ubbe asks Floki for advice. He tells him to always take stones out of his shoe, which is an amusing piece of advice as both men sit on the beach. Ubbe ponders if he did the right thing coming to the new land, but he knows he didn’t have a choice — he asks Floki if he feels the Gods on this land. Floki is neutral on the conversation and tells Ubbe that he doesn’t need to know anything as it isn’t important — “let the past go”. Floki admits he remembers Ragnar, and he will not leave him alone, despite being dead.

Ubbe tells Floki that he loves him. They both look out at the sunset together in peace. And that is the ending of Vikings season 6 — the answer is peace.

Vikings season 6, episode 20 is an emotionally driven, well-written, and respectfully delivered ending to a longstanding series that fans have loved — the final ever episode strikes an emotional chord and shows maturity in themes as the characters find absolute closure.

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