Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 6 recap – Park Hae-ryun reveals his affair

February 7, 2021
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Episode 6 delves into more lies and secrets — it’s difficult to know where this is all going to go, and that’s the beauty of the k-drama series.

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Episode 6 delves into more lies and secrets — it’s difficult to know where this is all going to go, and that’s the beauty of the k-drama series.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

After Dong-mi’s performance in the last episode, Yu-sin visits her home. She lays in the bath and pretends to be in deep grief again — let’s get this woman an Oscar. As she lays in the water, Yu-sin plays music for her, just like his father used to. He asks her if she remembers bathing him as a child. He tells her she’s more like a sister than a mother to him. And then he warms up her water for her, and the camera leans in how close their hands are. Afterwards, Yu-sin rings his doctor to arrange a clinician for Dong-mi so she can have some oriental medicine. This is a bizarre moment; an extraordinary conversation, and it’s only going to get weirder.

A dinner with friends

Lee Si-eun, Sa Pi-young and Boo Hye-rung have dinner together, and Lee Si-eun tells them never to marry their first love as you miss out on many experiences. Meanwhile, her husband Park Hae-ryun enjoys his affair at a hotel. Back at the dinner, a drunk Boo Hye-rung tells Lee Si-eun that her husband isn’t in a rut, but he’s cheating on her. This brings an uncomfortable moment on the table. The conversation then turns to Seo Ban; Boo Hye-rung clearly has the hots for him.

Boo Hye-rung returns home, drunk again. She stands in the shower with her clothes on crying. Sa-hyeon returns home and hears her. The guilt gets to him, so he goes for a drive. This is a character that is not prepared to take accountability for his actions. While Boo Hye-rung is taking a vengeful route, her husband is a coward.

Park Hae-ryun admits he’s having an affair

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 6 brings a moment that should have come sooner, but again; there’s plenty of cowardice from the men in this series. Park Hae-ryun returns home drunk, and Lee Si-eun helps him out of his coat. He tells her that he doesn’t think it’s right being with one person all their life. He then admits that he’s seeing someone; he confesses that another woman has captured his heart. It’s been going on for a while, and he admits he’s tried to get rid of her, but it’s impossible. Park Hae-ryun asks Lee Si-eun to let him go. Lee Si-eun asks him to consider the life he’s built; career and family, but Park Hae-ryun states he cannot live like this any longer, and that he has no excuse. Lee Si-eun realises everything he said before was just excuses.

Later on, Lee Si-eun agrees that they can break-up for good but on paper, they must remain married and to keep the affair a secret. She isn’t having their children betrayed after bringing them into this world. She also says she doesn’t want the children finding out, and that he needs to be a father. Their new arrangement starts immediately as U-ram has his friends for a slumber party and has to act normal. Park Hae-ryun is another character that is not taking accountability — he’s acting like he should be pitied, rather than taking the situation in his own hands and owning up to what he’s done.

The next morning, Lee Si-eun tells Park Hae-ryun never to hurt the kids, and if he does, she will get revenge. Park Hae-ryun agrees to the terms, but you can tell he’s regretful of his actions, but he doesn’t seem to consider what his wife is going through.

The parents tell Sa-hyeon to break up with his mistress

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 6 sees Boo Hye-rung holding on to her marriage for dear life. Like the previous episodes, there’s an ongoing debate about what Boo Hye-rung and Sa-hyeon should do next with their in-laws. Boo Hye-rung tells Pan Mun-ho and Ye-jeong that she sees them as her parents and wants them to consider her as a daughter. She agrees to comply with whatever they want, even signing divorce papers. She even considers having a child. Pan Mun-ho tells Sa-hyeon to break up with his mistress, regardless that she has his child. When Boo Hye-rung returns home, she smiles, knowing her plans are working. Sa-hyeon jumps into the car with his parents, and he’s dismayed that they agreed with Boo Hye-rung.

At a cafe, Sa-hyeon brings the possibility that his mistress is having a boy, and that she’s willing to raise him on her own. Sa-hyeon tells them that he wants a kind woman, not a pretty one and that his love for Boo Hye-rung has gone. Pan Mun-ho believes his son should be grateful for what he’s got, rather than get greedy. It’s a good point from his father; what if he falls out of love with his mistress. Sa-hyeon keeps on hinting that she’s not as nice as she looks, but there’s no context to this so far — it all seems to be his fault that they’ve fallen apart.

The situation with Yu-sin and Dong-mi intensifies

Yu-sin goes on a walk with Dong-mi. He tells her that when he was young, she was the only woman of his dreams — at this point, it’s easy to hide behind the couch when he utters these words — he’s asking for trouble. Dong-mi smiles; she knows she has him where she wants. Yu-sin then offers to give her a piggyback to make the situation stranger. She rejects his proposal, but then they hold hands. They then take photos together with ice cream. It’s hard to gauge what Yu-sin is doing here, or if the situation feels stranger because of the context. He could be trying to cheer her up innocently, but at the same time, why would he say that she was the woman of his dreams?

The ending

Sa Pi-young drops Ji-a off to her grandmothers and drives off without saying hello. At home, she enjoys wine with Yu-sin. Sa Pi-young asks about his day and shows the photo of him and Dong-mi holding hands in a cafe. He brushes it off and says her friend taking the photo must be bored. Sa Pi-young tells him to play it safe, so people do not jump to conclusions. Yu-sin tells her that as soon as Dong-mi is cheerful again, he will be fully available — he states he promised his father to look after her. He doesn’t want to sever contact with her as it will be unfair.

In the morning, Lee Si-eun’s daughter Hyang-gi asks where her father was the night before. She is clearly suspicious as her mother makes up excuses. She rings him up and arranges to meet him. Flashbacks reveal she saw her father get into the car with another woman. This will surely flesh out in the next episode; there are more rocky waters afoot.

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 6 delves into more lies and secrets — it’s difficult to know where this is all going to go, and that’s the beauty of the k-drama series.

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