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April 25, 2021
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After an explosive weekend where Vincenzo transforms his mafia ways, we enter the final weekend of the k-drama series with Vincenzo episode 19 and 20. The last episode saw Vincenzo truly show what he’s about while allowing his newly formed Mafia family (from the plaza) to help him out — this is where we stand with the lead characters:

  • It’s revealed that Vincenzo and Jang Han-seo were working together against Interpol — Jang Han-seo warned the Italian lawyer regarding Mr. Han’s plans. They turned it into a fear tactic to make Jang Han-seok and Choi Myung-hee feel threatened.
  • Vincenzo and Cha-young continue with their war plans while using their analogy of chess. They repeatedly threaten the chairman’s life, with the Mafia family chasing and attacking Jang Han-seok constantly.
  • Mr. Han comically tries to threaten Vincenzo and fails miserably.
  • Mr. Kim, who works with Prosecutor Jung In-kuk, threatens Mr. Cho’s life and tells him to find a way to open the basement hatch in the plaza. Mr. Cho recruits Mi-ri to help him.
  • Feeling like Jang Han-seok’s life is in danger, Mr. Han and Choi Myung-hee feel the best way for him is to be in prison for a short while. The chairman is placed under arrest for tax evasion, and his brother seems coy about it.
  • Vincenzo visits Jang Han-seok in prison and tells him that he planned to put him behind bars — he reveals he has evidence to keep him in prison and that he’s made him into his mouth, ready to gobble whenever he pleases. Vincenzo has him right where he wants him.
  • Luca visits Vincenzo and tells him that the Luciano family is in danger in Italy. Vincenzo agrees to return to Italy to help.
  • Mr. Park forces Mi-ri to hack into the basement hatch and open it; however, he is surprised to see all the gold and the Guillotine file is gone. Mr. Cho claims he has no idea where it is.
  • Mi-ri is under threat and runs to Cha-young as Mr. Park, and his men chase her. As Cha-young is about to be handled by one of Mr. Park’s men, Vincenzo cooly throws one of the men of the window — he states he’s managed to find another way to sort the issue out in Italy and no longer needs to leave.
Vincenzo episode 19 and 20 release date/time

Episode 19 will be released on Netflix on May 1, 2021. The usual time is 3 pm (GMT), but sometimes this varies. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world.) Episode 20 will be released on May 2, 2021, at the same time.

Episode 19 and 20 summary and predictions:

We are entering the final weekend, and anything can happen — here’s what we can expect from episode 19 and 20:

  • Jang Han-seo is still in a precarious position, but will his support for Vincenzo turn into a positive outcome for the character? It could go either way in the finale weekend.
  • Expect Vincenzo and Cha-young to continue with their chess plans, but as there are two episodes left, we fully expect something to go wrong — Jang Han-seok and Choi Myung-hee must throw one last spanner.
  • Since the start, Mr. Han has been caught in the middle of this war — where will his loyalties lie in the final episodes? He has acted cowardly so far.
  • We assume Jang Han-seo will not remain in prison and will find a way to continue his war against Vincenzo in the last two chapters.
  • What did Vincenzo manage to sort in order to not go to Italy? Expect an answer to this.
  • Where is the gold? The basement has been completely emptied, and we suspect Vincenzo and Mr Cho are behind this.
  • The Guillotine file has been a reoccurring threat against the villains, but in episode 19 and 20, we expect it to be used to bring down Jang Han-seok completely.
  • Will Vincenzo kill Jang Han-seok — episode 18 appears to foreshadow this event.
  • Will Vincenzo and Cha-young confess their love for each other? The last episode seems to hint that they consider each other as soulmates.
  • And finally, will Vincenzo and Cha-young win the war?

There’s a lot to consider for the final weekend of Vincenzo — what do you think will happen in episode 19 and 20? Comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Next Time On… Vincenzo episode 19 and 20

  • April 27, 2021 at 12:39 am

    Vicenzo will eventually win for good..with all the people in guemga plaza…jang hanseok????sentenced or killed?cant wait to find the answers…vincenzo and cha???getting excited whats fonna happen this coming episodes..coming to an emd and missing it already…?

  • April 28, 2021 at 12:57 pm

    I believe Vincenzo and cha young will win

  • April 28, 2021 at 4:48 pm

    The gold was moved by the monks. As they told the tenant that asked them that they were going to receive alms or something like that

  • April 29, 2021 at 1:29 am

    Hola, me fascina la serie Vincenzo, me dio pena que murieran los dos asesinos que ayudaban a Vincenzo, el en teoría les había perdonado la vida y verlo matar a uno con una bomba no le pareció correcto por lo que que habían ayudado y la muerte del otro no le encontré sentido, es como si no conociera a Vincenzo y a su compañera, la cual parece más despiadada. Tengo la esperanza que estén vivos y ayuden a encarcelar a la ex fiscal. Veremos.

  • April 30, 2021 at 3:55 pm

    Poetic justice is due to Jang Han Seok & his side kicks.
    Jang Han Seo should we restitution from his brother abusive behavior towards him
    Vincenzo & Cha romantic scene & end as a powerful couple to fight against criminals, etc
    G plaza residents receive a positive outcome
    Oh, yes Season 2. Yeah
    Phenomenal K-Drama thank you.

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