Who Killed Sara? season 2 review – who cares? It’s addictive anyway

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 19, 2021
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Neflix series Who Killed Sara season 2


It doesn’t matter if Sara was murdered by her great-grandmother or her gerbil.

This review of Neflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 2 contains no spoilers. The second season was released on the streaming service on May 19, 2021.

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One of the strangest things about Who Killed Sara? is that by the time we reach the second chapter of season 2, we do not care about who killed Sara? At this point, it’s a clickbait title to keep viewers talking. That’s not to say the Netflix series is no longer a “whodunnit” — it absolutely does curtail the tropes of a murder mystery. However, it doesn’t matter if Sara was murdered by her great-grandmother or her gerbil. There’s something unique about this series — it’s bonkers and extremely ridiculous. It shouldn’t work — viewers should be fed up with it after the 100th twist and turn, but there’s something in this story; a particular ingredient that stimulates a part of the brain that keeps us glued to the screen.

And when I reached the finale of season 2, I realized why Who Killed Sara? works. Whether by mistake or by design, the writers have managed to tap into the same addictiveness we feel when we adore young adult reality series. By drip-feeding plot points and making it less about “who cut the rope” on the boat, we are waiting for the next drama. And not “drama” in a genre sense, but we wait for bated breath to see what our favorite characters are going to juice up next. Who Killed Sara? is almost a soap. We want to tune in weekly to see what the next issue is going to be.

I cannot deny it — season 2 is well worth the watch, but this will hardly be a review where the writing is praised. The story is absolutely fractured with a subplot within a subplot approach. It’s hard to keep up with the objective. There appears to be no limit to what could happen to a character; if an episode explained that Alex had a nuclear bomb in the basement of his house, I’d still be loyal to the end because this Netflix series has ensured we are strapped in, raring to go.

When you reach the middle of the season, and you forget that this all started with Sara on a boat, you may find yourself laughing. Season 2 is a straight continuation, but the characters are harbored with way more problems than before. The Lazcano family is shackled and withering while Sergio snoops on the sideline. Alex cannot decide between sex, looking for the murderer, or finding out who the skeleton was in his yard while Diana the Hunter keeps on giddily messaging him with home truths. Season 2 is a beefed-up season 1, with the characters more flawed than ever, and the lines of morality are dampened with unscoped personality traits.

Bravo to the cast as season 2 puts the audience through one hell of a ride — Who Killed Sara? sees the actors honoring to the grind, providing emotions to an exhausting life triggered by Alex. There’s a central theme; demons — all the characters have them regardless if they are a bad person or not — well, apart from Elisa; she seems to be the only blameless character in all of this.

The only question that remains is where there will be a season 3 of this hectic thriller. And if Netflix does decide to commission another installment of episodes, then kudos to the writers for the hustle.

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