Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel ending explained

By Jordan Lyon
Published: June 17, 2021 (Last updated: November 10, 2023)
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ending of Netflix Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel

This article discusses the ending of Netflix’s Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel, so it will contain major spoilers. 

The final of four mini-stories begins with Samuel running through the airport. He hopes to see Carla, and when security doesn’t allow him to do so, even when he suggests they escort him, he buys a €400 flight to Lisbon. He finds Carla, but she’s adamant that Samuel won’t change her mind about leaving.

Carla tells Samuel that “all I see is a desperate guy who wants something that’s over.” She goes to the toilet and asks Samuel to have left by the time she returns. After exiting the toilets, Samuel is nowhere in sight. She wanders over to the check-in for Lisbon’s flight. He’s not there either.

Carla waits for her flight which is when a smug Samuel reappears. It turns out he was watching her when she went looking for him. Luck is in Samuel’s favor as Carla’s flight gets delayed by seven hours.

To pass away the time, they go back to Samuel’s apartment. They play a drinking game that involves them taking items of clothes off. Not long after, they have sex. An emotional Carla reveals to Samuel how she feels. “I don’t want to take that flight! “Ask me to stay.” With that, Samuel and Carla are back together, and she decides not to board the flight.

At the Lake Club, where Samuel works, Carla offers him a loan to quit. He refuses. Carla’s view towards his job lowers even further when she watches a rude guest reprimand him for mixing up orders.

Believing that she dislikes dating a ‘waiter,’ Samuel tells her, “I’m not your lapdog.” Finishing work to find the flat empty, Samuel sends several voice messages to Carla. He asks for forgiveness before stating that he will always see himself as being beneath Carla.

Carla walks in. She hasn’t left Samuel. Instead, she went to visit her parents and to get a maid to complete her laundry. Samuel deletes the messages before Carla can hear them. Regardless, it causes Carla to have a sleepless night. She realizes she can’t stay with Samuel and leaves.

Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel ends with Samuel learning that Carla has left him.

As expected, the fourth entry of Elite Short Stories ended with Carla and Samuel parting ways. With actress Ester Expósito (Carla) not returning for season 4, it would have been more of a shock had the pair stayed together.

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