Young Royals season 1, episode 1 recap – The Prince arrives at Hillerska

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 1, 2021
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Netflix series Young Royals season 1, episode 1


It’s a solid start for Young Royals, which could easily become the next binge on Netflix. 

This recap of Netflix’s Young Royals season 1, episode 1, contains significant spoilers. 

Young Royals is a Swedish teen drama about the younger members of a fictional Royal Family. Already compared by many to the novel Red, White and Royal Blue and fellow TV shows Elite and The Crown, it looks set to be a big hit with teenage audiences.

Twitter Scandal

Prince Wilhelm (played by Edvin Ryding) is involved in a public scandal after he is filmed by the paparazzi fighting. The footage ensures that a bruised-up Wilhelm trends on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. As a result, The Royal Family force him to attend the prestigious Hillerska Boarding School, a school which many of his family have attended in the past.  

The Royal Family issues a statement following the paparazzi’s footage where Wilhelm says, “No one is more disappointed in me than my family.” After moving to Hillerska, Wilhelm closely watches Simon (played by Swedish pop star Omar Rudberg) as he sings in the choir as Simon gets sniggers from other students. 

Boarding School Begins

With a party in the planning for Wilhelm, his second cousin August (played by Malte Gårdinger) tries to find a way to bring some moonshine for the party. After settling in, Wilhelm hates it and tells August that he won’t last three years at Hillerska. August’s advice? “Copy the first years and listen to the third years.” He furthers adds that the faster that Wilhelm adapts, the easier his life will be. 

“Non-res” Simon is asked by August if he can sneak in alcohol for the welcoming party. Felice (played by Nikita Uggla) starts to masturbate over non-sexual photos of Prince Wilhelm. Disturbed by her roommate from continuing, it comes to light that even though Felice comes from a very wealthy family, she wants to marry Prince Wilhelm so that her children can have status. 

On the other spectrum, Simon is from a family of lower-class and status, and they cram themselves around a small table as they eat. His sister Sara (played by Frida Argento) has a mild strop as she claims she doesn’t want friends and would rather attend school in peace. Wilhelm texts his Mom, he wants to leave Hillerska. 

The following day, tension arises between Simon and his wealthier classmates during a debate about taxes. Seemingly impressed by Simon, Wilhelm introduces himself to Simon during lunch and states that he’s unable to discuss politics. August “rescues” Wilhelm by allowing him to sit beside him and not with Simon. After lunch is over, Simon tells August that he will bring some booze if he and Sara can attend the party. August accepts. 

Welcome to the Palace

Wilhelm is gagged and tied up to a statue as he is made subject to many cruel acts. The most disgusting of which involves Wilhelm having to drink from a cup that other students have spat into. It turns out that this is part of the initiation, and Wilhelm is willing to take part.

The party begins, and everyone drinks heavily. Namely, Felice, who is throwing up until Sara helps her to get some fresh air. Drunk, Wilhelm sits outside with Simon. He asks Simon if he is happy at Hillerska. Simon doesn’t respond. Simon asks Wilhelm the same question; Wilhelm says yes. August comes looking for Wilhelm, so Wilhelm and Simon hide. It appears as though they may kiss. Wilhelm closes his eyes, and then the credits roll.

Whilst nothing outstanding occurs in the first episode, it’s set the story of Young Royals up really well with a good level of interesting characters. Potentially this is a show that could become better the more audiences invest.

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