Love (Ft. Marriage & Divorce) episode 11 recap – don’t start what you can’t end

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 17, 2021
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Love (Ft. Marriage & Divorce) episode 11 recap - don't start what you can't end


Episode 11 decided to slow things down from the drama and asks us to join Pi-young’s dilemma after a series of confrontations.

This recap of Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) episode 11 contains spoilers.

The series decides to slow down the pace after a series of arousing confrontations. Pretty much the main story revolves around Pi-young while the other characters gravitate towards her conflict. I hope the writer gives more balanced stories for the other’s conflict which is Sie-eun and Hye-ryeong’s.

Everything starts with the arrival of Ami’s mother, Ji-hui, from the US. Little did she know that her daughter is causing trouble at her boyfriend’s house. Everything is a wreck at Pi-young’s house. After Ami denying the affair and Dong-mi splashing water her upon her face, Pi-young probits Ami to leave the house after Yu-shin asks her to leave. She holds her back by saying that leaving means confirming their affair. Ami keeps on playing her innocence, begging for help through her eyes while Dong-mi keeps on pushing the homewrecker narratives on her and blurting off all the disappointment on Yu-shin. Pi-young has read everything ahead.

After the confrontation, Yu-shin asks Ami to leave and she did without showing her phone at all. Before she leaves, Dong-mi asks Ami whether or not she will end it with Yu-shin, Ami denies the question by apologizing instead of confirming everything. Pi-young steps in and asks Yu-shin to go with her instead and come to the court at 10 a.m tomorrow. He let Ami off while Pi-young sarcastically laughs at their actions. “Instead of the evidence, you’re getting rid of the witness,” said Pi-young.

Yu-shin later packs up his belongings but refuses to come to the court. He later calls Hae-ryeon about the affair because Hae-ryeon is the ones who was blurting it out in the first place. Hae-ryeon asks Yu-shin to persuade Si-eun instead of asking him to do it.

Ami finally meets Dr. Cho, her biological father

After arriving in Korea, Ami’s mother arranges a meeting between Dr. Cho and Ami. It is about time for the father and daughter to encounter one another. Both of them nervously accept her offer. She is not aware of the fact that Dr.Cho and Ami already encounter each other several times until the two are surprisingly facing each other. It’s ironic how Ami is finally meeting her biological father while Ji-a is facing the possibility of losing her rights to be with her biological father.

Later, they awkwardly introduce themselves. Ami is still in disbelief that the man she used to meet at the equestrian is his father. Dr. Cho tries to overcome the awkwardness by showing a photo of his son, Yeong-jae. Everything goes pretty well until Dr. Cho asks about Yu-shin being her cousin. Being caught off guard, Ami admits all the lies they tell at the horseback riding. That’s how both of her parents know about their daughter’s affair. Ami defends herself by bringing up her past and how both of them do not live together and leaves her like an orphanage. She insists on marrying Yu-shin and believing in all the divorce agenda. She also put a pledge on her parents not to get involved and leaves to find Yu-shin, who purposely avoids her.

The encounter that is supposed to be heartfelt turns messy. The parent decides to confront Yu-shin at the hospital. They meet him upon his arrival at the parking lot. Dr. Cho quickly throws a fist at him declaring that Ami is his daughter. Yu-shin demands an explanation. Later, Ji-hui and Dr. Cho explain the situation and demanding for responsibility for their affairs, asking him to end everything. Yu-shin keeps on running from all the accusations, putting the blames on Ami’s weak mentality while he is also the one who keeps on flourishing her hopes. He uses Ami’s hospital record as an excuse for not breaking up with her for the time being. Ji-hui confirming him about getting the divorce and he quickly shoves it, “that’s what she wants.” Dr. Cho beats him not just once, but twice and tells him he should never date her in the first place. Well, that is how Yu-shin is everyone. He keeps on talking about taking responsibility while at the same time he keeps on avoiding everything.

Ami encounters her parents at the hospital while looking for Yu-shin and throws tantrums about their intervention over her affair. Well, at least upon the scene we get to see where her stubbornness and clinginess come from. Remember when I said in the previous episodes to keep an eye on small characters (like waiters or nurses) because they’re the ones who lead the main characters to their confrontation. A girl, who happens to have a relation with Dr. Cho’s family secretly films everything with her phone and spreads rumors within the circle about Dr. Cho having another daughter.

Face your consequences.

Do you know what’s harder other than having an affair? Taking responsibility and accountability for what you have done. Nothing will ever stay the same once the trust is broken.

Yu-shin helplessly trying to get help here and there to mend his marriage. From Si-eun to Dong-mi. Yu-shin tries to manipulate and gain support from Si-eun, but as a victim of an extramarital affair, she counters back all of his intentions. While Si-eun firmly refuses his offer to persuade Pi-young, Dong-mi is taking advantage of the situation. Dong-mi sympathizes with Pi-young as a woman, or should I say, as a woman who is infatuated by Yu-shin. The real Dong-mi does not lie beneath her words, not even her actions. It is on her subconscious mind and her utter motives behind everything.

Dong-mi suggests Pi-young keep the marriage as her way of revenge while Pi-young keeps on questioning about woman’s dignity and trust. Dong-mi also offers to meet Yu-shin over their matters, but Pi-young refuses. Well… Dong mi still goes to meet him anyway.

Meanwhile, Hye-ryeong and Sa-hyeon are having dinner with Hye-ryeong’s bestie and her spouse. Both of them having a series of conversations about marriage and stuff. Her bestie asks her what the last thing Sa-hyeon did that touched her heart. She replies by reminiscing their dating time when he used to drive her home despite the distance. While Sa-hyeon answers with Hye-ryeong touched her heart by accepting her proposal. The whole conversation also underlined that their last fluttering and heartfelt moment as a couple is before the marriage. After dinner, both of them lay down on the bed, Hye-ryeong states how she wants to make their marriage work and forget about the past. She also acknowledges about Sa-hyeon used to treat her well before the affair.

On the other hand, Song Won is having another encounter with Seo-ban who asks her to become his Chinese lecturer after she gives birth to her baby. He tells her how he wants to get familiar with the baby because he never gets to see one, plus he finds it uncomfortable when his colleague keeps on asking why he’s still a bachelor.

The ending

Everyone spends their morning differently in the series. Some with a heart-fluttering moment, some in distress. Despite all the drama, Ye-jeong and Moon-ho keep on rebuilding their marriage life after the confrontation. Moon-ho once refuses on getting a ‘couple ring’ with Ye-jeong because of their age. But later at the dining table, he agrees on getting ‘couple rings’ for her sake and the two went on buying one. After they went shopping, the two share a heartfelt dinner and opens up to one another about past mistakes. Moon-ho sincerely tells her how he is grateful and regrets everything and the two break into tears.

On another side of the world, Morning starts roughly at Ami’s. Ji-hui stays up all night after knowing about her daughter’s affairs. She once again asks her to end everything and pursue someone better, but Ami won’t listen and is pushing all the happy ending agenda leaving her mother in vain. Well, Ami needs to learn that everything gets tangled when a child is involved, but at the same time, I understand how she has such low family nor companionship values due to her family upbringing. As Dongi-mi said, she’s turning 30 years old yet remains childish.

After Yu-shin leaves the home, Pi-young has been battling her dilemma over their only daughter’s rights and future well-being due to the divorce. She still can’t bring herself to forgive Yu-shin. To help her gain clarity, Pi-young asks Ji-a to come with her to live at her late mother’s house for the time being. She needs to buy some time over the divorce. Ji-a keeps on asking for Yu-shin to come, Pi-young patiently explains that Yu-shin might not be able to come because it will make him uncomfortable and she wants to spend time alone to grieve over her mother. Ji-a agrees to come with her mother. “I’ll go anywhere as long as I’m with you,” she said.

In the morning while preparing for breakfast, Dong-mi keeps on thinking about the plot of Pi-young and Yu-shin’s marriage while Pi-young arrives at the buffet near the swimming pool Yu-shin stays at and calls him to come and meet her.

Will their marriage ends up in court or Pi-young tries to keep her marriage for revenge? We’ll see!

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