Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 10 recap – the court or her house?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 12, 2021
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Netflix K-drama series Love ft Marriage and Divorce season 2, episode 10


Episode 10 holds one of the most satisfying and dramatic confrontations. Park Joo Mi delivers us a heartwrenching yet fierce performance.

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

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Today’s episode is one of the most satisfying ones so far. Finally, a whole episode is dedicated to a real confrontation between a wife, the cheaters, and the mistress. Yes, we already saw the two other confrontations, but Pi-young is just another level. She did not come here to compromise.

The episode starts with Sa-hyeon still believing his destiny with Song Won and secretly meeting her despite Hye-ryeong’s warning. He naively asks for Won’s birth time to affirm their compatibility with fortune-tellers. Song Won declines the offer and asks him to keep to his words. Of course, after being dumped, Sa-hyeon nags to his parent to check for their compatibility instead. Ye-jung keeps on reminding his son to cut it off, especially when Hye-ryeong is willing to move on and keep their marriage. But, like father, like son, Sa-hyeon will not listen. 

Meanwhile, Si-eun, Hye-ryeong, and Seo-ban offer their last respect for Pi-young’s late mother. Surprisingly, Dong-ma is present at the funeral. Hye-ryeong secretly finds out about the Seo’s brothers’ relation to one another. In the meantime, Hae-ryeon is happily making dumplings with Ga-bin. They discuss whether or not they will still be making dumplings next year which leads to Hae-ryeon imagining the park siblings joining them with the dumpling agenda while Ga-bin is holding their baby. Well, sir, it ain’t going to happen (unless the writer says so).

“The trust is already broken.”

After the funeral ends, Yu-shin goes to the hospital to get his enteritis treated. She still refuses to talk to anyone, giving Yu-shin the cold shoulder. Pi-young keeps drowning in a sea of regret after realizing all the wrongs she’s done to her mother. Her grief goes to the extent where she starts to hallucinate about her mother. She regrets the times where she prevented her from seeing her granddaughter and reminiscing over times where her mother would take photos of her family. Not to mention, each day, her resentment over Yu-shin grows deeper. While Ji-a is asleep, Pi-young caresses her gently while having a battle within herself regarding the future of her marriage. She’s planning to take full responsibility for Ji-a. It is also a way to redeem her regrets towards her mother.

The next day, Pi-young comes to visit Ami at the hospital (thanks to the nurse!). Wearing an all-black dress, black sunglasses, and even a bouquet of flowers. She braves herself to face the mistress and opens the door. Ami is sleeping soundly while Pi-young’s heart is racing. She acknowledges her face from their first encounter at the broadcast station. Pi-young throws away the flowers. She laughs in agony and has a breakdown afterward in the car while recalling the times where she was fooled by Yu-shin’s lies.

In the meantime, Dr. Woo is having thoughts over Ami’s photos. He begins to wonder about the resemblances of Ami and his wife. Even more about the background of Ami who used to live in the States. It’s about the time for the biological father to finally receive his epiphany. 

“The court or her house?”

The exaltation of Pi-young’s rage and confrontation is suffocating. After Yu-shin discharges himself from the hospital, Pi-young initiates her plan to send Ji-A to study abroad. She plans to quit her job and support her instead. Yu-shin refuses the plan, demanding a family must stick together. Yu-shin gets irritated over Pi-young’s sudden shift, especially after shoving him off like an insect each time he tries to hug her. He starts to justify all his so-called good deeds while implying that Pi-young is his top priority. He pressed the wrong button.

Pi-young quickly grabs her coat and expensive bag, ready to seize the rest of the day. She asks Yu-shin to drive her somewhere. He thought it would be Woo-ram’s house since Ji-a is there. Not knowing anything, he acts like everything is settled again between them. 

In the car, Yu-shin is fancying himself the car mirror, getting excited to spend time with his wife. That’s until Pi-young says, “enter Ami’s address.” Yes, busted. The day to confront Yu-shin has finally come.

The god of luck has finally withdrawn from his side. Yu-shin is extremely caught off guard. He is flustered and asks her to calm down and let him explain everything. But, nope. Not today. Pi-young has already made up her mind. Either to go to her house or the court.

The wrath has just begun.

Exaltation is everything. Pi-young gives Yu-shin two deadly choices: Ami’s house or the court. She even hands him the divorce papers. Yu-shin who is paralyzed by the situation tries to negotiate, yet Pi-young already stands firm on her choices. She even adds the third choice: both of them stay up inside the car all night. Yu-shin is bewildered and turns on the engine ready to meet his destiny. 

In the meantime, Ami is waiting for her “daddy” in the white car and shining armor to text her. Great timing. Pi-young grabs her husband’s phone and asks what name does he save her number. “Manager Kim,” he says. She later sends her a message, informing her that her beloved Yu-shin will arrive in a few minutes. Ami, not knowing who is coming to her, is blatantly excited.

After both of them arrive at Ami’s apartment. Yu-shin anxiously asks Pi-young to avoid being too harsh to Ami at the elevator. Well let me tell you, your woman knows better, Yu-shin. Ami excitedly asks him to come in. He later enters her passcode leaving Pi-young in disbelief. 

Ami, who still had zero awareness offers Yu-shin a milk tea. She is then surprised to see Pi-young standing in front of her. “I’m Yu-shin’s wife.”

It’s time for the three of them to face the moment of truth. Pi-young calmly asks Ami to sit down. She wants to hear everything. Pi-young asks him about the relationship between them. “We’re in love,” answers Ami. She later asks about her age and savagely mentions their 16 years age gap

Pi-young does not stop there. She asks about their first encounter. Ami serves her with all of the answers, even the affirmation about the padding jacket. Pi-young recalls their first meeting at the broadcasting company. 

Ami is at loss. Pi-young’s final question to affirm everything is about what kind of present Yu-shin gives to her. Ami answers, and includes the imported car that intends to be her goodbye gift. Despite all of the betrayals she is facing, Pi-young remains composed. She later hits her final blow — their divorce, and walks out of the room. She tells Yu-shin to stay there and plan for their future instead.

Yu-shin tries to catch his wife, leaving Ami alone. Way to go, queen!

“She comes here for some beating.”

Before we continue. I can’t believe that there would come a day where I support Dong-mi. Yes, I’ve said it.

After all the dramatic confrontations, the best is yet to come. Dong-mi welcomes the couple back to their house. She senses something is off, yet hoping that they will just continue the fight to the extreme. Dong-mi asks what’s happening and Pi-young bluntly tells them she wants a divorce. Yu-shin quickly refuses, saying that it is not going to happen. Dong-mi who is at a loss, demands an explanation. Pi-young spills that Yu-shin has a “29-year-old-mistress.”

Dong-mi is paralyzed by what she hears. Yu-shin confirms it and quickly snatches his car keys and goes to Ami’s apartment. At home, Dong-mi is having a mental breakdown after hearing the truth about the stepson she desires. She confronts Pi-young, asking for information about the mistress. “Is this the reason you’re refusing to talk?” Dong-mi asks. Pi-young cries in vain. 

Yu-shin asks Ami to cooperate and lie about everything. He also asks her to wait for a maximum of five years for his divorce. The reason behind it is, Ji-a is only 13 and soon is going to hit puberty. He can’t afford to break her mentally as he’s her father. Well, we all know it’s just an excuse, to begin with. Meanwhile, Dong-mi and Pi-young are talking over a glass of wine. Dong-mi tells Pi-young to not get a divorce and give a chance for the mistress to win. Pi-young still stands with her belief in getting a divorce. “When the trust has shattered, so does the love, right?” she explains. 

The door opens. Yu-shin comes back with an uninvited guest. Yes, he brings Ami to his house. The dramatic music starts to play. Pi-young and Dong-mi are bewildered. As soon as Ami arrives, Dong-mi confronts her and grabs her hair like there is no tomorrow. Yu-shin tries to stop and push her off. Pi-young is enjoying the show. 

I thought Pi-young was going to be the one who gives him the slap of reality, but it turns out to be Dong-mi. Her rage is not to defend Pi-young; it’s all about her being a woman, and a stepmother at the same time. Ami is perplexed by everything. Before she even says anything, Dong-mi chews her with her words. “You’re not even in the same league as Pi-young.” 

The ending of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 10

After all the intense confrontations, Ami finally opens her mouth with nothing but lies. Pi-young dares her to look her in the eyes while blurting her lies. She is even willing to swear the lies over her parents’ lives when Pi-young asks her to do so. All for a married man. But we all know that Pi-young is an intellectual. She asks to see what she’s saved Yu-shin’s name as in her phone. Yu-shin tries to prevent this conversation by saying it’s inappropriate, but then Dong-mi throws her wine at Ami’s face and then attempts to throw the bottle at her…

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