Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 14 recap – everything comes with a price

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 1, 2021
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Netflix K-drama series Love ft Marriage and Divorce season 2, episode 14 - netflix k-drama series

This recap of Netflix K-Drama Series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 14 significant spoilers.

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“There’s always a price you gotta pay,” is probably something that the writer and producer want to emphasize throughout the episode. Everyone is starting to settle down and face their consequences, from a chaotic house life, the appearance of a past lover, to facing a social penalty. 

Today’s episode opens up with Pi-young rushing her way into the office’s elevator while Seo-ban holds the door open for her. Seo-ban asks her whether what she said at the golf club about her divorce is a joke or not. After the encounter, they go to have lunch together. They casually talk about the divorce. Pi-young asks him about his point of view including divorce, marriage, and men’s nature. He asks her about her daughter and late mother. That’s where things get pretty sentimental between them. On the other side, Dong-mi is stuck doing all the hard work keeping up with Ami. They keep fighting each other over Yu-shin. There is also a scene where Dong-mi’s mad at Ami who calls her “old” in front of her beloved step-son. 

Meanwhile, it’s time for a fresh start for our Boo Hye-ryeong after clinging to her marriage for so long despite all the troubles. Why waste your time when Sa-hyeon and his parents so invest in building their dream family with Song Won. As her belly is getting bigger so does her craving. Don’t worry, our Song-won keeps on getting everything served under her plate. From a twisted doughnut, a baby, a warm family dinner, a house, to someone’s husband.

Moon-ho also renames his dog from Ye-jung to Bada, his unborn grandchildren’s name. Ye-jung whines to not change its name so often. “Dogs take after their owner”, he replies. I find it funny how it can also represent how the owner loves to switch on people, just like how Moon-ho did whenever he was fond of someone. He switches his dog’s name.

Last family dinner before the storm

After the final payment of Hye-ryeong’s apartment is done, she invites the whole family (minus the mistress) for a final dinner as a family. Her face is smiling but deep inside she is hurt and up to something. The parents are giving her all the talks and smiles as if the divorce comes naturally rather than a mistake. Hye-ryeong reminds Sa-hyeon to tell her when the baby is born. After they part ways, Hye-ryeong hugs him and tells him to live a good life ahead. Both Ye-jung and Moon-ho are astonished by Hye-ryeong’s smiles and generosity. 

Anyway, we have all known what kind of woman Hye-ryeong is since the beginning. After the dinner, Hye-ryeong drives away to pin her next target, and also to plot her act of sweet revenge. Yup. She calls Seo-ban and asks for a cocktail night out and he agrees. She removes her eye make-up to give her a more natural look. It looks like Hye-ryeong is done putting on a perfect rich wife show on the block or maybe this is also her way to gain sympathy.

The two meet at the lounge. Both of them drink different variants of cocktails. Hye-yeong’s drink color is red while Seo-ban is yellow. I don’t know if this secretly hints at their future relationship development. Anyway, Hye-ryeong tells him about the details of her divorce and the illegitimate baby. He argues on how a baby does not guarantee marriage and leads him to opens up about his parent’s divorcement during his youthful days. He urges her to find someone better while Hye-ryeong battles herself to not spilling since she does have other intentions towards him. She even intentionally tries to hide Pi-young’s divorcement to save her place without knowing that he already acknowledged it. 

When your past shows up in front of your so-called future…

Do you know the most effective moment to persuade a woman? When they’re fragile. Yup, Dong-ma understands the assignment. But before that, we get a glimpse of the answer about why is Hae-ryeon postponing his marriage with Ga-bin. It is because Ga-bin’s parents fall ill and pass away. Nam Ga-bin is emotionally wrecked after hearing about both of his parents on the day of her musical performance. Nevertheless, she still gives her best shot for her performance. At the audience seat, Hee-ryeon and Dong-ma sit in the same row, both immensely focused on her. Ga-bin takes a glance at both of them as if choosing the road of her future.

After the show finishes, Dong-ma is making a surprise appearance in front of her while holding a bouquet. Not long after that, Hye-ryeon appears by walking into the room with a confused stare. Ga-bin quickly redeems the tension by introducing both of them to one another in the most awkward way. She addresses Dong-ma as her fans and Hae-ryeon as her fiance. Both of them awkwardly greet each other. Dong-ma gives her the flowers and leaves the room. After that, Hae-ryeon hugs her while she grieves.

The next day, Dong-ma asks Ga-bin for a meet-up without knowing about her parent’s death. She agrees while dresses up according to his preference during the times they’re in a relationship. He apologizes for putting her in an awkward situation the other day and asks about her parent’s well-being. Ga-bin breaks down into tears while explaining about their death. She regrets not having a chance on saying a proper goodbye due to her schedule. Dong-ma comes to her seat and hugs her. After that, they continue to enjoy a conversation by the park while she falls into his embrace. And that’s where we know that everything starts to crumble for Hae-ryeon.

Let the fingers do their work.

Hye-ryeong braces herself for a pers conference while Sa-hyeon is enjoying his new life with Song-won. After Hye-ryeong moves out, Song won moves in. The parent helps them moving in and organizing their stuff. Both of them even ask them to move in together. Well, let’s give a moment for Song-won happily embracing her brand new life before the storm. As the old men said, there’s always a price you have to pay and Hye-ryeong is ready to pay the bill. 

Hye-ryeong sits on the podium with all cameras pointing at her. She still keeps her natural look agenda to this day. All the reporters are ready to type the most sensational article yet. You can see the hesitation in her eyes yet she goes for it anyway. She begins by throwing the bait and announcing her divorce in a classic way. It does not take long until the reporters catch her bait and start to shower her with tempting questions. From the length of her marriage, her husband’s age, the reason behind the marriage, to the mistress’s real age. 

The pressure begins to rise. At first, Hye-ryeong does not want to reveal the identity of the mistress. But things get messy after a reporter triggers her with, “Aren’t you being too considerate [to the mistress]?” that’s when she spills all the teas. It does not take too long for the articles and videos to go viral. Hye-ryeong’s divorce topping the trending topics on the media. She gains numerous sympathy while Sa-hyeon’s facing all the doxes from society. Of course, the parents are also having a hard time answering numerous calls criticizing their son and the whole family. Song-won is completely bewildered over the situation.

Meanwhile, the radio squad is arguing about Hye-ryeong’s action. Seo-ban clearly opposing her impulsive action, Pi-young counters all of his disagreement while Si-eun’s thinking about all the possibilities her children will also face if Hae-ryeon’s marriage with Ga-bin goes viral. What about our Hye-ryeong? She’s enjoying all the luxury while calling her ex-father-in-law just to troll the whole family and sincerely hoping that they’ll have a good day.

Please, never trigger Hye-ryeong’s pettiness button ever again if you don’t want to end up being stigmatized by the whole netizens. This woman got a lot of power behind her. There’s nothing safely hidden underneath the sun.

The ending of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 14 a wake-up call.

Do you know what satisfies me? Seeing Dong-mi being all worn out dealing with Ami. We have seen from the beginning of the season how she tries her best to sabotage and remove Pi-young from the house. But when it finally happens, it just hits her harder how she has to deal with a naive and delusional mistress like Ami moving into the house and gives her a massive headache.

After their endless bickering, Dong-mi asks Ami to sit down and behave herself as a grown-up woman. She explains how Yu-shin and Pi-young might probably experiencw a wake-up call by now and the possibilities of their remarriage. Dong-mi asks her to call Yu-shin but his phone is off. She later bets that Yu-shin is currently at Pi-young’s place. Ami, being stubborn as ever denies it. She believes that his marriage is over even when the paper is not yet finalized. Dong-mi slaps her with reality by calling Pi-young herself and asking whether or not Yu-shin comes to her place and she said yes, making Ami bewildered. “You’re too naive. You don’t understand men at all.” Dong-mi said. 

On the other hand, Pi-young remains unbothered. She goes to watch a musical alone while looking at the booklet with Ga-bin’s face featured on it. Suddenly, Seo-ban appears and surprises her. He later asks whether Si-eun will come or not. Pi-young pulls a prank by saying that she’s going to the restroom which he bluntly believes. She later apologizes after seeing how he falls into her trick by buying three beverages for the show. Well, what perfect timing for a drama. Yu-shin goes to watch the same musical show as Ami. That’s when both of them encounter each other. After meeting eye-to-eye with Pi-young, Yu-shin shrugs off Ami’s hand. Seo-ban asks Pi-young, “Isn’t that your husband?” 

Pi-young affirming his identity with a smile as Yu-shin begins to walk towards her… and that’s a wrap!

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