Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 15 recap – karma slowly finds its way

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 8, 2021
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Netflix K-drama series Love ft Marriage and Divorce episode 15


Approaching the end of the second season, karma slowly finds its way to the cheaters, but there are still so many questions and issues left unresolved.

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 15 contains significant spoilers.

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I can’t believe we’re going to say goodbye to this series this week. It’s been a thrill of emotions! Moving on, they say that you never know what you have until it’s gone. The underline of episode 15 is all about realizing the shift that is happening and facing the consequences that are coming because of all the choices that our characters made.

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 15 recap

So we get Seo’s brother here to sting the cheaters. I can sense that karma is starting to crawl underneath Shin Yu-shin’s bed as we get to watch him being anxious after encountering Pi-young with Seo-ban. He burns with jealousy after seeing Pi-young’s confidently having a good time with another man and went inside Seo-ban’s car. Of course, Ami won’t miss her chance to roast him. He begins to reminisce all the loving memories of him and Pi-young. Well, it’s too late.

On the other hand, Hae-ryeon should keep an eye on his musical mistress, who is currently in the state of grieving over her passing parents because Dong-ma is trying his best to crawl back into her life. He gives her a ride to the airport and hugs her.

After their encounter at Ga-bin’s musical performance, Yu-shin goes to confront Pi-young for an explanation and to claim Ji-a’s child right. He comes to confirm her relationship with Seo-ban. Pi-young insists that it is not something that he should know since they’re now a divorced couple. He states that Ji-a should live with him instead of Pi-young who goes out to have a drink with another man until late at night. Pi-young stands on her ground and refuses to give Ji-a’s right to him. She openly argues about her relationship with Seo-ban and points out his affair, including Dong-mi being his first love which leaves Yu-shin bewildered.

“You never know what a future holds,” she said. She even adds information that after the musical both of them grab late-night snacks together before leaving Yu-shin all alone

Everyone is starting to move on with their lives especially the three wives. After having a series of conversations, Pi-young goes the extra mile to cook pancakes for Seo-ban, the ones that need to be extra thin. She later asks him to be Ji-a’s swimming instructor. The three of them spend a great time swimming and eating dinner together. Yu-shin follows them secretly and begins to feel extremely threatened.

The next day at the broadcasting studio, Hye-ryeong read a fan message which tells a story about getting a divorce. Hye-ryeong stumbles as she reads the long message that conveys the sender’s worry, insecurity, and heartbreaks over the divorce.  Everything feels sincere. Hye-ryeong sheds a tear but keeps on reading it till the last words. While on the other hand, Sa-hyeon is having the best time of his life with Song won who is excitedly expecting the baby’s due date.

After the emotional broadcast, the three wives grabs a lunch together. Hye-ryeong surprisingly declares that she tries to pursue Seo-ban. She asks for their corporation and especially gives Pi-young a meaningful gaze.

While Pi-young lives peacefully with Ji-a, Dong-mi is having the busiest days fighting her inner peace with Ami who is trying her best to secure her place to be Yu-shin’s wife. The best way to unconsciously annoy Dong-mi is to give her a pack of health products to prevent her aging in front of Yu-shin. Both of them keep on fighting and arguing resulting in giving Yu-shin a massive headache. His peaceful and warm house turns into a perfect disaster. Dong-mi even tries to summon Pi-young’s back to the house in order to remove Ami but she refuses especially after knowing the truth behind the curtain. Serves them right.

The ending

Dong-ma waits for Ga-bin’s arrival at the airport. He welcomes her and accompanies her to hold a ceremony for her late parents at the shrine. The two spend meaningful time while Hae-ryeon tries to reach out to her yet fails.

On their way back, Dong-ma plans to spend a night at a villa because he is worried that she might have a hard time alone. Ga-bin refuses and insists to go home, implying that someone is waiting for her. Ga-bin expresses her gratitude towards Dong-ma because of his effort and sincerity. He stops their car at the rest area. Both of them exchanging an awkward atmosphere until…

“Let’s get married,” He said. “Marry me.”

…And that’s a wrap!

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