Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2 ending explained – what to expect from season 3

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 9, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series Love ft Marriage and Divorce season 2 ending - predictions for season 3

This recap Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2 contains spoilers, including the ending — it also discusses what to expect in season 3.

Yup. If you’re already watching the final episode for the second session of this series, you might be scratching your head, questioning the purpose of the whole story, or simply close your Netflix tab feeling disappointed but willing to watch another season due to the most confusing cliffhangers.

For the entire season, we get to witness all the secrets and affairs finally unfolding and everyone is slowly receiving their trials and karma. But, there are still so many questions that are left unresolved.

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2 ending and predictions for season 3

After filling the divorce and the arousing press conferences that bring a sea of phone calls and dirt to Sa-hyeon’s family, Hye-ryeong is trying to keep her presence alive within Sa-hyeon’s family. Since we know that Hye-ryeong is sly and blindly materialistic, of course, she won’t let them go easily. But I am still curious, what’s her plan by asking to visit during Song won’s labor? Is it because she’s taken aback with her failed attempt at getting pregnant since we get to witness her bitterness and yearning seeing a pregnant woman couple of times, or she’ll come with another revenge plan?

Aside from the family matters, Hye-ryeong is now on a mission of pursuing Seo-ban with a fresh, new look of her. She is now going after the man that fits her and is richer than Sa-hyeon, rather than being swept by the lovey-dovey, as part of her plan of revenge. During the fancy dinner, we can see the tension between her and Pi-young. There might be more rivalry between them in the future.

For Sa Pi-young, she is clearly driven by the angst and curiosity of stepping out from years of a committed relationship after getting her trust shattered. She continues to live at her late mother’s house with Ji-a while trying to pursue a relationship with Seo-ban. We can clearly see in the final episode that Yu-shin is filled with a void and still deeply attached to Pi-young. He does not really give a d— about Ami, nor even Dong-mi. They rather exhaust him.

On the other hand, Yu-shin karma is living together with Ami and Dong-mi. We can see how contrasting Ami and Dong-mi are. Ami is more open and bold while Dong-mi has a conservative approach due to the generation gap. But both of them have one thing in common, delusion for Yu-shin. But during Ami’s confrontation with her parents, someone records her and even spreads the news about it. We have yet to see what’s the cause of the action. So this might be a trigger for another event that might bring chaos to Ami and Yu-shin’s affair in the third season.

At the same time, Ji-a still doesn’t know about her parents’ divorce. Things might be turning out differently for Pi-young. She might go down the road like what she went through with her parents when she was young.

Moving on to the next couple, it took a whole season for Ga-bin to finally coming to her senses about the affair she has committed with Hae-ryeon. Due to this sudden decision to cancel their wedding, Hae-ryeon is experiencing a pile of regrets towards his decision on leaving his family. After ending things with Hae-ryeon, Ga-bin drives herself in front of Si-eun’s apartment complex to beg for forgiveness in the most dramatic way possible. Ga-bin’s realization might drive the reconciliation agenda between Si-eun and Hae-ryeon since before that, Si-eun is also experiencing a lucid dream about seeing Hae-ryeon holding a baby. I actually searched on Google to find the meaning behind that dream and it does indicate a longing and reconciliation. But since Hae-ryeon is a man with high pride, this may also indicate other events.

Anyway, Ga-bin is not in the right state of mind, and judging from her conversation with Dong-ma at the park, I do not think they’ll become the endgame since Dong-ma is domineering the whole conversation without letting her speak her truth, but he is also one of the triggers that bring a revelation for Ga-bin. Also, we see that Seo-ban carefully warns Dong-ma to think carefully about his decision on marrying Ga-bin because he knows that he will only hurt her due to his ego. Ga-bin also indicates that he might not be making the right decision. But what happened in their past and how Seo-ban is connected to them is still a mystery.

Not to mention the shock that we experience after seeing Dong-ma is walking down the aisle with Pi-young in the future. Things may move differently in the upcoming third season of the series. Since Pi-young is pursuing Seo-ban who might juggle his way to Song-won, she might meet Dong-ma in the process.

And after wanting a divorce for so long, Sa-hyeon’s family is finally getting what they yearn for, a future wife and in-laws that serves the family. In the final episode, Sa-hyeon is having a dream of marrying Song-won while holding their baby. He later wakes up in panic due to Song-won’s early contractions. There are two possibilities: she might possibly be experiencing a miscarriage (or maybe not) or another affair. I have a feeling that Sa-hyeon’s dream might actually indicate the opposite. If you remember, in the last episodes, Ami is seen visiting Song-won’s house but she has yet to meet Sa-hyeon. She will also attend the baby shower while Ga-bin might cut off their friendship after realizing her sin of being a homewrecker.

We get to see in a glimpsed sneak peek for the third season that Sa-hyeon surprisingly marries Ami and Song-won is marrying Seo-ban. So this might inidicates the possibility of Sa-hyeon cheating on Song-won with Ami, or vice versa. We already know how Sa-hyeon is easily swept away by visuals. At the same time, we have yet to see Song-won teaching Seo-ban Chinese literature since their last dinner was to settle her agreement as a tutor after she delivers the baby. The thing is we don’t know if the pairing on the final episode is an imaginary scene or there are hidden motives behind it.

And lastly, for Mr. Shin a.k.a the ghost, he is seeking revelation upon his sudden death by using Ji-a as his medium. I don’t know what’s the point of his existence rather than a filler since everything goes well even without him anyway. But judging from the finale, he might go to reveal Dong-mi’s crime and bring terror to her life. But yeah, again.. what’s the point?

And that’s exactly what I’m asking the writer, “What’s the point in giving us this kind of ending?”

Anyway, what do you think of the ending of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2 and what are your predictions for season 3?

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