Prey (2021) ending explained – a forest hike turns deadly

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 11, 2021
ending of the Netflix film Prey (2021)

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Prey (2021), so it will contain major spoilers.

A group of male friends travel through a small river when as they hear faint shooting in the distance, they find a soft toy. They, however, don’t pay much attention to it.

The trip goes well until Vincent (played by Yung Ngo) nearly falls to his death. If only he knew what was in store. Following this, there’s a short flashback to Roman (played by David Kross) and his wife Lisa (played by Livia Matthes) in happier times. As they walk through the forest, there’s a loud gunshot. Everything seems fine. One minor thing; Vicent has been shot in the arm.

Any possibility that it was a mistake disappears when there are several more shots at them. To protect themselves, the gang shelter behind their car. Albert (played by Hanno Koffler) attempts to call the emergency services, but there’s no reception. With few options left, the gang make a run for it through the forest. 

The gang see and hear a helicopter flying above them. Vincent shouts out to it, only for Peter (played by Robert Finster) to shout at him. Their deadly situation is clearly getting to them all, and Vincent starts to emotionally break down.

Netflix film Prey (2021) ending explained

Walking further within the forest, the gang possibly find help; or so they think. A lone female, Eva (played by Maria Ehrich), stands by a river. Stefan (played by Klaus Steinbacher) shouts to her for help. Big Mistake. Huge. Eva shoots Stefan in the head, so the others all flee. Wandering through the forest, they stumble across a shop. Going inside, Vincent eats hot dogs whilst the others try to phone emergency services. The shop worker (played by Nellie Thalbach) doesn’t take the men’s claims of a murderer seriously. But let’s not worry about her, as Eva shoots her in the head. 

It’s not just the shop worker who gets shot. Vincent has got shot again, and with Eva closely creeping closer, she shoots Vincent in the head for good measure. Fleeing from her, the three survivors surrender and ask why she’s doing this. Strangely, she does nothing and lets them walk away.

Is it over? Not just yet. After stumbling across a park, Peter argues with Roman and his brother Albert and the gang quickly separate. Walking into a room, Roman finds footage of Eva getting harassed by a group of drunk men before they accidentally kill her daughter Anne. This is apparently her motive. 

Reaching the road, Eva shoots Peter. Despite pleading with Eva that he has done nothing to hurt her, she shoots him in the head. Meanwhile, as they hide, Roman learns that Albert is having an affair with his wife, Lisa. Despite that, Roman puts pressure on Alberts wound and hides him from sight.

It’s Roman vs Eva. After she hears him creeping up on her, Eva shoots Roman in the leg. But after he throws out one of Anee’s toys, he is able to distract her, and a fight happens between the pair. Roman overpowers Eva and throws the gun over the cliff. Seemingly defeated, Eva walks off the cliff and to her death.

Roman sits on the ground, having earned himself a rest. And that’s the end of Prey. Prey never provides a clear answer as to whether Albert survives, so that’s left to the audience to decide!

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