Maid episode 5 recap – what happened in “Thief”?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: October 1, 2021 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Netflix limited series Maid episode 5 - Thief


Paula proves to be as unpredictable as ever after Alex searches for her, while there are further developments towards Alex’s childhood. The struggles of childcare while in employment get highlighted in this episode.

This recap of Netflix limited series Maid episode 5, “Thief,” contains significant spoilers.

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Maid episode 5 recap

With Maddy having a nasty cough, Alex is awake all night. After she rings Yolanda to call in sick, Alex gets roped into going to work. With Alex struggling to pay tuition for Maddy’s daycare, the staff are rude towards her. It still makes Alex late to work, where she sets about cleaning the house of local celebrity Barefoot Billy. Later, she is contacted by the daycare centre, who after failing to reach her, sent Maddy into Hank’s care after she became too ill.

There’s an awkward encounter, and even after Hank and his wife Sharlene (Erin Karpluk) tell Alex she will always have an open invite, Alex quickly takes Maddy away. Meeting with Sean, they discuss childcare, but with Sean working a double, he is unable to take care of Maddy, much to Alex’s annoyance. The situation isn’t improved as Sean’s co-worker, Frankie, makes several sarcastic remarks towards Alex.

With no childcare and Maddy still too ill to attend childcare, she reluctantly drops her off at Hank and Sharlene’s place. Whilst cleaning Barefoot Billy’s house, Alex is locked in a cupboard and has a severe panic attack. Later, Alex goes in search of her mother Paula, but no one has seen her. During her search, she bumps into Danielle, and after a quick conversation, Danielle’s boyfriend returns so Danielle acts as though she doesn’t know who Alex is. Alex asks Denise to give her Danielle’s number, but Denise won’t and tells Alex that she knows she won’t.

The ending

After Yolanda voices how impressed she is with the cleanliness of Barefoot Billy’s house, Alex locks herself into a cupboard. Inside, she remembers a time when she was younger. As a child, she locked herself in a cupboard to protect herself from Hank. This is why Paula took Alex at a young age and fled from Hank.

Finally tracking down her mother, Paula reveals that she was on a trip listening to U2. Oh! And she has got married to Basil.

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