Maid episode 8 recap – what happened in “Bear Hunt”?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 1, 2021 (Last updated: November 15, 2023)
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Netflix limited series Maid season 1, episode 8 - Bear Hunt


Although what happens on screen is expected, it still doesn’t make it any less horrifying to watch. Well-written, well-acted and well-directed.

This recap of Netflix limited series Maid episode 8, “Bear Hunt,” contains significant spoilers.

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Maid episode 8 recap

Alex wakes up after having sex with Sean the night before. Later, when she tells Nate what she did, he asks her to move out. She then visits Paula, who argues with a nurse who wonders whether to detain Paula.

Moving back in with Sean, he tells her that he has plans to become a carpenter. Alex gets a call from a creative writing programme; her past scholarship has expired. But they can consider her if she reapplies this year. Better yet, there’s no fee, and Alex just needs to update a new writing sample.

Alex visits Paula, who is staying at the clinic for 14 days. Bad news for Alex, though, when Yolanda rings. Yolanda has learnt that Alex took some of her business, so Yolanda fires her. With no money, Alex has to borrow $3 from a stranger to pay for petrol. When she tells Sean what has occurred, he finds it all very juicy. After Sean suggests that Hank babysits Maddy, Alex shuts the idea down and has Sean promise that Hank doesn’t look after Maddy. An understandable request.

Alex asks Sean for money for her phone as she can’t use it once it runs out of minutes. But Sean rejects the idea as no one calls her. When Hank arrives, Sean tells him to leave whilst aware that Alex is watching him. Unhappy with the replacement that Value Maids has sent her, Regina offers Alex a job; $20 an hour for 15 hours a week with a ferry pass. Alex accepts the job, but the call drops. She rushes to a payphone and accepts the job.

After Alex visits Paula, she learns that Paula got discharged earlier that day as Basil gave information in favour of Paula. During a party for Alex and Sean’s “friends”, Alex cries with happiness when she learns she got the scholarship for the creative writing programme. But when Sean learns about it, he is livid and argues that he works two jobs whilst she has a getaway in process.

The ending

The following morning, Alex’s car (aka the only thing that allows Alex to be able to travel around freely) is gone. Sean has given it back to Nate. Trapped and alone, Alex sobs and repeats to herself, “I’m so stupid”. Alex waits in the house alone until Sean returns with a pack of beer.

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