Maid episode 7 recap – what happened in “String Cheese”?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: October 1, 2021 (Last updated: November 15, 2023)
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Netflix limited series Maid episode 7 - String Cheese


Paula finally sees Basil for what he really is, which is a moment that was long in the making. But the tragic aftermath, which is hard to watch, makes for a shocking conclusion.

This recap of Netflix limited series Maid episode 7, “String Cheese,” contains significant spoilers.

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Maid episode 7 recap

After moving in with Nate, Alex continues with work for Yolanda. But as the client forgot, Alex is unable to work and is now out of pocket. With Yolanda not willing to provide Alex with any extra work, Alex visits a client herself and offers a cheaper cleaning rate if they cancel with Yolanda. With Basil taking advantage of Paula and renting the property that she owns, Alex searches for a folder with all the bank and mortgage documents, and Sean tries to help. He also defends the behavior that had Alex evicted. He claims that he broke into the house as he was looking for her after arguing with Frankie.

With the lodgers refusing to pay Paula, Alex and Paula go to the bank. At the bank, and with Paula, Alex tries to explain to the bank about Paula’s current situation with Basil. But Alex has brought the wrong folder, and worse yet, they’re at the wrong bank! Returning to Nate, he has made them Shepards pie whilst also picking up Maddy from the nursery.

Continuing to write, Alex writes about The Porn House Couple, aka the house that she currently cleans. Nate decides to ask Alex out for dinner, where she rejects him by claiming that they are not equals. Sean interrupts, after checking Paula’s mortgage activity he has learned that it’s in default and the house is about to be placed into foreclosure. While Paula remains in denial about Basil’s betrayal, Sean tracks Basil down to a casino.

Alex, Paula, and Sean arrive just as Basil is kicked out of the casino. But as he isn’t speaking with his Australian accent, Paula finally realizes he is a con man. Trapped in a corner, Basil reveals he has a gambling addiction, and to fund it he has used all of Paula’s money. Having heard enough, Paula tells him to f**k off. (It’s much needed).

The ending

During the drive home, Alex has no money for gas so Sean pays for it. Meanwhile, after Paula takes her anger out on Alex, she vanishes. Alex and Sean track Paula down to her house, but as the locks have been changed, Paula has tried to smash her way through the house. Which has resulted in Paula cutting herself up badly. As she needs surgery and stitches, Paula gets placed in a psychiatric ward. Alex is traumatized by the whole situation, and after Sean comforts her, they have sex.

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