Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle ending explained – where does Koko Go?

October 9, 2021
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This ending explained article for the Netflix film Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle.

A film with childhood nostalgia around the corner, it has a beautiful social message at its core. The film shows how humans are exploiting nature for their evil deeds and how the jungle and its inhabitants suffer from this aggression.

Also, the theme of non-human creatures happily living with humans is beautifully showcased in this film. With that context, we come to know the story of Koko, a human child abandoned by his parents in the jungle only to be found by a pokemon, Zarude, named Dada. When Dada did not find Koko’s parents, he raised him like his own son. And, that’s why Koko is human by heart but a pokemon from his behavior.

That’s why he always felt stuck somewhere in between the humans and the pokemon. He is also taught by his Dada that humans and the pokemon couldn’t live together.  But in the end, when an evil doctor came to conquer the jungle only for his benefit, Koko fought bravely alongside Ash with other pokemon with his acquired powers as a pokemon (that he acquired by living as a pokemon).

After this battle, his Dada told him that he is both the pokemon and the human. That gave the sense of what is to be needed for him to do. That is to help humans and pokemon to bond with each other. But, to do so he had to leave the jungle. He asked his Dada also to come along with him on this journey. But he refuses. So, Koko sets on this journey alone and leaves the jungle with teary eyes.

It is not clear where he was heading and how this journey will be. But we hope his determination will be fruitful.

Netflix film Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle ending explained

Back in the jungle, the Zarudes and the other jungle pokemon live happily with each other and Dada brought them to the place where he planted berries to have food for all. At that time he saw the mythical Pokemon Celebi. Dada chases it only to come to his nest where he found the scarf collected from the research center of Koko’s real parents to be seen the image of Celebi printed on it. Metaphorically it seems Koko is the real Celebi, for whom this harmony in the jungle becomes possible. And, with this, we hope from now this harmony will last ever after.

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