Locke & Key season 2 review – more of the same as the fantasy series returns

By Jordan Lyon
Published: October 21, 2021 (Last updated: July 4, 2023)
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Netflix series Locke & Key Season 2


With lower levels of action and drama, Locke & Key season 2 still manages to be a more entertaining watch than the previous season. While the themes of grief and loss aren’t as present this time around, there’s enough packed in its ten episodes to please the core audience.

This review of the Netflix series Locke & Key Season 2 does not include any spoilers.

With news of a third season announced before Season 2 even came to air, you already know that Netflix has faith in its success.

Firstly, as the review for Season 1 stated, one of the main issues with Locke & Key is that there are far too many different keys. It’s hard to keep track or care when a bunch of different keys are put into play each episode. Not only could Season 2 benefit from a reduced number of keys, but a lower number of episodes wouldn’t have gone amiss. Some episodes are quite tame in their areas of entertainment and/or stories. Had there been fewer episodes, it could have left fewer moments of pointless interaction between characters. It becomes a struggle at times to give full attention to the show when what you’re watching may not even have any effect on the characters.

On a positive note, the special effects are great. In episode 3, there’s a scene that to younger eyes will be quite scary. Whilst the way in which the “scene” is crafted is boringly predictable, it does make for an entertaining watch when it finally comes to play.

The cast seems to have found their place this season, with previous cast member Aaron Ashmore now promoted to a series regular. He has some great moments in the season, with one key storyline for his character, Duncan, being a season highlight. The conclusion to that storyline is sadly not as great. This becomes a recurring theme of the endings not having the desired effect. Whilst the closing moments of Season 2 are good to watch and lead the way for the third season, Episode 10 could easily have been half an hour.

However, many of these faults were present in Season 1, and audiences loved it regardless. Personally, I feel that this is an improvement and had my interest more throughout. Locke & Key is nowhere near one of the best series that’s on Netflix, but for those that enjoyed Season 1, they’re sure to binge through the second season.

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