Locke & Key season 2, episode 10 recap – the finale/ending explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 22, 2021 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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Netflix Locke & Key season 2, episode 10 - Cliffhanger - the finale ending explained


A decent end with plenty of action that should entertain its core audience. As expected, Locke & Key finishes with a cliffhanger that will leave audiences eager for the already announced third season. With a couple of deaths and plenty of returns, the result makes the final episode an audience pleaser.

This recap of Netflix’s Locke & Key season 2, episode 10, “Cliffhanger,” — the finale/ending explained — contains spoilers.

After a hit-and-miss season, will the finale finish with a cliffhanger as the episode title suggests?

Locke & Key season 2, episode 10 recap – the finale

After Dodge emerges from the rubble, she immediately asks for Rufus. Meanwhile, Nina attempt to comfort Tyler after hearing about Jackie’s death. With Gabe using one of her demons to threaten Nina’s safety, Kinsey meets with him. Trapped into helping him, and despite Gabe’s claims that he loves her, Kinsey reveals that she controls her own fate and steps off the edge of the cliff; “I will never, ever be yours”. But no need to worry, it’s just a plot to distract him as Scott, Tyler, and Duncan race towards the vault. During the commotion, Kinsey uses wings to fly and grabs Gabe’s crown.

As Duncan was the one who made the demon key and his blood is tied to it, he is now in control of the demons. At the Keyhouse, Bode spots Dodge storming up. Clearly threatened, he grabs a sword. But Dodge claims to be Ellie and wants to see Rufus.

Locke & Key switches back to the vault, and as the house/ground begins to collapse, however, Kinsey loses the crown. With Gabe now Dodge, she chokes Kinsey to near death. That is until Tyler sticks a key in Dodge. The house collapses to the ground, but luckily Kinsey and Tyler are able to fly to safety. With Dodge apparently gone, Lucas returns! As he is an echo, Lucas never died. So the Alpha Key has separated him from Dodge. But the short-lived reunion is interrupted when Bode calls them because he needs them urgently.

The gang watch in shock as Bode hands Dodge/Ellie a key, and she, therefore, switches back to her normal body. Which just so happens to allow a short reunion between her and Lucas. With Gabe dead (possibly), Eden stands over his memorial. After trashing the place, she kicks a door in, unscrews a plug, and takes a hidden key. Mourning for Jackie, Tyler watches over footage of her. To cheer him up, Duncan leads Tyler the keys to the GTO. Seeking a fresh start, Tyler leaves the Keyhouse and says he wants to lead a normal life.

Bode has a gift for Nina, the Head key! And after he transports back to the time she revealed she was pregnant to Rendall, Bode brings her back to reality. Whilst she will forget about the magic, Bode reassures her he won’t let her forget.

The ending

The Locke & Key season 2 finale concludes with Eden returning to the well-house. She unlocks a passage and brings Captain Frederick Gideon out. Whilst he appears, Eden informs him that as he can’t cross the threshold she will be giving him orders as a way to get him to unlock the portal. But Captain Frederick Gideon turns on her and throws her down the well, killing her. Captain Frederick Gideon walks through the newly opened door, but not before he grabs the key.

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