Locke and Key season 3 review – the key to success?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 9, 2022
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An improvement from the second season, and with most of the loose ends tied up, Locke and Key has a heartfelt, complete, and well-rounded conclusion to its three-season run. Overall, an enjoyable season that hard-core fans will love and potentially grow emotional over when the finale airs.

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So does the magic stay alive in the final season of Locke and Key? For most of the final eight episodes, it does! Whilst the final season is two episodes shorter than the previous two entries, it is a wise decision. Had there been any more episodes, the middle section of the show would have felt very “filler”, which would have dampened the quality of the show as a whole. And as some episodes are quite short (only a little over half an hour), the third season of Locke and Key doesn’t drag on as much as the first two seasons did.

Whilst, as it did in the second season, the storyline remains much of the same, the fact that it’s the final season of Locke and Key makes you more forgiving when you’re watching. As it’s the final season, a lot of the overall opinion of the season will fall on how it all ends. So does it end on a high or whimper? For Locke and Key fans, it’ll be safe to say that it ends on a high. There are character returns, new keys, and tons of magic throughout. Whilst there are just a few loose ends that don’t make sense, it shouldn’t affect the overall opinion too much. In the end, the one word that could be used to describe the ending of the series is “satisfying”.

Sure there are some cringy moments in the season, especially in the finale. But on the whole, even the tamer of moments have some grit. The most irritating part of the season comes from the character of Bode, however. He remains as annoying as he did before, even more so, to be completely honest. However, a storyline mid-way changes this, and it’s great to watch. As Locke and Key places as much emphasis on the family as the trouble they’re facing, it makes a winning combination.

Locke and Key may not have been perfect by any means, but it kept true to the story it was telling. By ending before it became tired and boring, it served a purpose and, more importantly, served its fans well. And from a show that at one point seemed dead in the water, thanks to a pilot with Miranda Otto and Jesse McCarthy that never went to series, it really is magical that Locke and Key not only lasted for three seasons but managed to include a decent conclusion when so many other shows have been unable to finish off their story. For that, bravo to everyone involved.

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