Who died in Hanna season 3?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 24, 2021
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Who died in Hanna season 3 - amazon series

This article discusses who died in Amazon’s Hanna season 3 and will contain spoilers. 

As Hanna season 3 is the final season of the Amazon Prime action TV show, it’s guaranteed that there’s going to be some huge exits before the final credits roll. Whilst many unnamed or minor characters died during the duration of the final season of Hanna, this list will detail the major deaths that occurred. Be warned, this will contain major spoilers!

Who died in Hanna season 3?

John Carmichael

Was there ever a way for Carmichael to survive the season? Unlikely. In some ways, it’s a wonder that he even made it into the third season. After being blackmailed into helping Marissa and Hanna, there seemed to be a slight chance that he could make it out of the season alive. But staying true to himself, Carmichael only looked out for himself. Finally, his life ended after he tricked Marissa into ordering 10 assassinations, per Gordon’s order. As Marissa fled, there was little Carmichael could do before Sandy shot him dead.

Max Kaplan 

Was he good? Was he bad? Or was he just a jerk? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. But after providing the much-needed encryption key to Hanna and Marissa, Brianna arrived and took out his breathing tube.

Sandy Phillips

Even with characters like Gordon and Brianna in the season, it’s Sandy that could be argued to provide a bigger thorn in Hanna’s side. An annoying bitch until the very end, Sandy was so determined to kill Hanna that she even threatened the life of Abbas’ innocent daughter Nadiya. In a tragic twist, however, it was Jules who put an end to Sandy’s brutal run. Upon Jules finding Hanna and Sandy trying to kill each other, she orders both of them to back off. But when Jules realizes that Sandy has no intention of doing so, she shoots Sandy. As Sandy dies, she falls down into the lake below for good measure. Bonus Point: at least Sandy killed Carmichael.

Brianna Stapleton 

A huge pain for Hanna and Marissa through the third season. Whilst most would have been praying for Brianna’s death throughout most of the season, the audience had to wait until right at the end before Brianna got what was coming. But shockingly, it wasn’t quite in the manner you would expect. Instead, Brianna seemed to have a conscience after all. When Gordon told her to order the death of Nadiya, a six-year-old child, Brianna seemed to wrestle with what she should do. Whether she would have given the order for Nadiya’s death, we’ll never know as Marissa shot her in the head before she could decide.

Gordon Evans

Whilst Ray Liotta didn’t have the biggest amount of screen time in the final season of Hanna, his character, Gordon Evans, definitely left his mark. Soon revealed to be the “big bad” of the season, Gordon was determined to get his daughter Marissa to join forces with him. Unfortunately for him, Marissa couldn’t have thought of anything worse. Much of the season saw Marissa and Gordon annoying the hell out of each other before one final showdown in the last episode. To save the lives of Hanna, Abbas, and Nadiya, Marissa tracks Gordon and Brianna down. After swiftly taking care of Brianna, Marissa holds Gordon at gunpoint as she reaches for the radio to call off the order to kill Hanna. But Gordon being Gordon, he couldn’t let that happen and when he shot Marissa, she shot him in return. Moments later, Gordon was dead.

Marissa Wiegler 

If only she had shot Gordon on sight like she had Brianna. Without a doubt, this was the biggest death of the season. Her relationship with Hanna was one of the main driving forces of the show, and it was only fitting that Hanna was by her side as she died. After it seemed like Gordon may have won and ordered the deaths of Hanna, Abbas, and Nadiya, Marissa risked her life to prevent the hit from going forward. As Marissa reached for the radio to cancel the hit, Gordon shot her. Whilst she was able to shoot back and kill Gordon, Marissa canceled the order and therefore saved Hanna’s life. But for Marissa, it was too late and a few moments later, she succumbs to the gunshot wound.

So there you go! Were you shocked about any of the deaths? Did any character survive that you thought would have died?

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