Hanna Season 3 – who is Abbas Naziri?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 24, 2021
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Who is Abbas Naziri in Amazon series Hanna season 3

This article discusses who is Abbas Naziri from the Amazon original series Hanna season 3 and will contain spoilers. 

Introduced as a somewhat minor character who could have easily been killed off in the opening episode of Hanna season 3, Abbas (Adam Bessa) progresses into a key character that provides more of a human feel towards the lead character Hanna (Esmé Creed-Miles). Of course, as the third season begins with a flashforward that shows both Hanna and Abbas very much alive, the audience is certain that Abbas will survive. Until the final episode, at least. 

Who is Abbas Naziri in Amazon’s Hanna season 3?

Abbas and Hanna meet after Pioneer flag him down as a target. But with help from Marissa (Mireille Enos), Hanna is able to fake his death. Whilst in hiding, Abbas bonds with Hanna, with the pair of them have sex. But their time bonding is cut short when Benson (Dempsey Bovell) learns where Abbas is. Most likely working under the orders of Gordon Evans (Ray Liotta) and/or Brianna Stapleton (Chloe Pirrie), Benson tries to murder Abbas. But with Hanna at hand, Benson is no match, and Abbas survives the ordeal. Although to keep himself and his daughter, Nadiya, safe from harm, Abbas goes into hiding for a number of episodes.

The Fate of Abbas Naziri

But when Gordon discovers that Hanna harbours feelings for Abbas, he, of course, uses it against her. Taking the show back to the flashforward from episode 1, Gordon threatens the lives of both Abbas and Nadiya. Thereby, Hanna takes out as many of his men as she can before they’re eventually surrounded. Just as it seems that Abbas, Nadiya, and Hanna may be executed, Marissa saves their lives. In the aftermath, with Gordon dead and Pioneer in ruins, Abbas and Hanna are free to live a drama-free life together. WRONG! Despite Abbas pleading with Hanna to choose otherwise, Hanna decides to embark on her separate journey in the world. With that being the case, Abbas and Nadiya bid farewell to Hanna at the airport. 

In the end, it appears that Hanna is unable to move forward with Abbas and Nadiya in her life. But seeing as Hanna season 3 ended with an open ending, maybe the two reconnected? What do you think? Do Abbas and Hanna reunite years down the line? Or was that truly the end of any relationship that could have developed between Abbas and Hanna?

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