Hanna season 3 – who is Gordon Evans?

November 24, 2021
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This article discusses who is Gordon Evans in Amazon’s Hanna season 3, and will contain spoilers.

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Who is Gordon Evans in Amazon’s Hanna season 3?

In the final season of Hanna, Gordon Evans gets played by Ray Liotta and plays an important part throughout the season. But who is Gordon Evans?

Introduced through a video call with Brianna Stapleton (Chloe Pirrie), it’s clear that Gordon is one of the key figures of Pioneer. But as for who he is exactly the audience doesn’t learn about until Episode 2. When Marissa Wiegler (Mireille Enos) uncovers the existence of The Chairman, she sets about trying to uncover who it could be. It all becomes a family affair when she learns that The Chairman is none other than her own father, i.e. Gordon. 

He is much more ruthless, nasty and violent than Marissa, which is proven by Gordon’s extreme measures to try and force Marissa into running Utrax with him. As you can guess, Marissa isn’t fond of the idea and instead tries to take down her father/The Chairman. It’s a lengthy battle between father and daughter, with neither willing to back down. At least they share some family traits!

Ultimately, they’re both the undoing of each other. Gordon continues to force Marissa into joining him, even going as far as using John Carmichael (Dermot Mulroney) to dupe Marissa into ordering 10 assassinations. Still, Marissa is relentless against joining Gordon’s cause, and so, Gordon even uses the recently captured Hanna to lure Marissa closer to him. This leads us to the final episode of Hanna

Gordon Evan’s Fate

After Gordon attempts to order the deaths of Hanna, Abbas, and his six-year-old daughter Nadiya, Marissa swoops in and attempts to radio in and have the order stopped. In her efforts to do so, both father and daughter shoot each other. Gordon is the one to die, with his daughter heartlessly watching before she collapses and dies from her injuries.

Whilst Ray Liotta’s time in Hanna was only brief, he did provide high stakes in terms of the story for the characters Hanna and Marissa. The final season of Hanna needed a villain for Hanna and Marissa to battle against, and Gordon fit that role. Tragically though, his obsessive desire to have Marissa join forces with him is what ultimately leads to both of their deaths.

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