The Expanse season 6 episode 1 – why does Filip Inaros shoot his best friend?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 10, 2021
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Why does Filip Inaros shoot his best friend in The Expanse season 6, episode 1

This article, “why does Filip Inaros shoot his best friend,” contains spoilers regarding The Expanse season 6, episode 1.

Throughout the first episode of The Expanse season 6, Filip Inaros is not looking his usual self. Firstly, the character seems to think he’s invincible, sleeping with multiple women on the Ceres Station. Secondly, his relationship with his father, Marco, is heavily disjointed, despite the recent success of the Free Navy. Throughout episode 1 of season 6, Filip is at odds with his father, and there’s little depth to where this father/son relationship is heading.

Why does Filip Inaros shoot his best friend in The Expanse season 6, episode 1?

While hanging out with two women with his best friend, there’s a lot of boisterous behavior. The women appear to be excited to be in the presence of Filip Inaros. His father is a legend, after all. His best friend starts telling the story that Filip was one of the main orchestrators of the destruction on earth, killing thousands of people. Like all of episode 1, Filip looks increasingly irritable, so he walks away.

With his frustrations bubbling over, Filip tries to sleep with a barmaid that works on the Ceres Station. Earlier in the episode, Filip tried heckling her, believing he had a chance to sleep with her. When he tries again, he’s shocked that she rejects him. Filip gets nasty, implying that she should be lucky to sleep with him due to status. To try and calm tensions, the barmaid offers him a free drink. He angrily declines, throwing the glass against the wall.

Seeing this commotion unfold, Filip’s best friend tries to calm him down, but Filip gets nasty to him too. The two friends fight, but the best friend knows how to handle a fistfight. Shockingly, Filip draws out a gun and shoots him. It’s unclear if his best friend died, but we will surely find out in episode 2.

But it seems obvious what is wrong with Filip. Season 5 saw him facing his moral compass as he was reunited with his mother. His recent actions by teaming up with his father, and his mother leaving, have given him heavy guilt. It appears he now hates being associated with the actions of the Free Navy and the violence that has been incurred, sometimes by his own hands. Filip uses alcohol, sex, and wild behavior to mask his emotions, while his father keeps their relationship at arm’s length. Filip’s unruly behavior reaches a peaking point by the end of episode 1 of season 6.

But with five episodes to go, we have to wonder if Filip’s guilt will play a part in the grand scheme of the story. Will he turn against his father? Will he be the reason that the Free Navy fails? Will recent events reunite Filip with his mother, Naomi Nagata?

Time will tell, but it’s an intriguing, bubbling scenario so far.

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