Emily in Paris season 2, episode 2 recap – “Do You Know the Way to St. Tropez”

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 22, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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Netflix Emily in Paris season 2, episode 2 - Do You Know the Way to St. Tropez


Episode 2 continues to make matters awkward for Emily, with the secret ever closer to being revealed to Camille.

This recap of Netflix’s Emily in Paris season 2, episode 2, “Do You Know the Way to St. Tropez,” contains spoilers.

How long does Emily have left before the big secret is out? How many of you placed bets? Will it be episode 2? Or will they drag it out until the finale? It’s painful to watch either way.

Emily in Paris season 2, episode 2 recap

After Mathieu abandoned her in episode 1, Emily wakes up on the train, as she makes her way to St. Tropez. Mathieu found out that Emily loves Gabriel, so he left her on the train. Camille rings Emily and wonders what happened; Mathieu posted Instagram stories on a night out with models. Camille offers to spend time with Emily in St. Tropez. Emily is panicking, so she asks Mindy to visit her as she doesn’t want to be stuck with Camille.

When she arrives in St. Tropez, she bumps into a celebrity and takes photos of them with Pierre’s branded suitcase. She didn’t realise this was Pierre’s nemesis and Mathieu tells her to put the picture down. With Emily causing a stir on social, she decides to work on the weekend to make amends for Pierre, despite colleagues telling her she’s not allowed to work while off work.

At a restaurant, Emily meets the restaurant manager Laurent G and wonders why their Pierre champagne promotion isn’t on the menu. She gives a tutorial of how to spray the champagne with the waiting staff.

Mindy and Camille arrive. Mindy is irritable about Camille and wants to get her laid. But Emily wants Camille to get back with Gabriel. However, Camille wants to have sex with a random man and has arranged to go to a party to get Gabriel out of her system. Camille meets a man named Romain at the party, but it soon turns awkward; Gabriel rings Emily and Camille wants her to answer it. He wants to know why she’s in St. Tropez with Camille. Emily manages to divert the conversation and Camille distracts herself with Romain. A very close call. Camille apologizes to Emily for being “stuck in the middle.”

All this is equally as awkward for the viewer!

Camille and Romain start kissing, so Emily wants to go to Laurent G’s restaurant so she can carry on with the champagne promotion. And so, the women leave. When they get to the restaurant, Camille is immediately distracted, but then Emily bumps into Sylvie. Her manager is unhappy for annoying their client Pierre. She tells her to stop trying to fix everything. Emily insists she was just trying to find solutions. Sylvie tells Emily that she will have to take the consequences of her infidelity with Gabriel before revealing she is married to Laurent G. Sylvie remains a mystery in the series.

The ending

The following day, Camille needs help — she feels she has messed up. Emily meets her at the church. Camille states she couldn’t sleep with Romain as she’s still in love with Romain; she’s afraid she’s lost him. It’s getting more complex for Emily.

Emily apologizes to Laurent G for bothering him. She asks him what Sylvie was like in the past. Laurent G states Sylvie was wild, but she changed and wanted a career. He remarks that he sees similarities in Emily. The series routinely suggests that Emily will be like Sylvie one day, and it’s a great character arc.

As the episode ends, Emily and her friends attend a yacht party hosted by Pierre’s nemesis to end their time in St. Tropez.

Episode 2 continues to make matters awkward for Emily, with the secret ever closer to being revealed to Camille.

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